WATCH: Teachings on Book of Acts at The Joshua Fund Retreat, Part 1

For three days in November, 2015 – Jewish and Arab Israelis serving in ministries throughout the Land joined together in Netanya, Israel for a vital time of encouragement.

The retreat this year was entitled “Preach The Word / Shepherd The Flock” and is an annual gift to the local body from The Joshua Fund. Click here to read more about the retreat.

This year, Joel Rosenberg, the founder and Chairman of The Joshua Fund, and four pastors from the States led the 260 special guests through Acts chapters 1-4 – including passages on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the early church’s transformation and the resulting powerful witness and remarkable unity.

Click on the videos below to watch the first two teachings.

Rich Chaffin teaching on Acts Chapter 1. (Click here to listen to the HebrewRussian or Arabic translation).

Joel Rosenberg teaching on Acts Chapter 2:1-21. (Click here to listen to the HebrewRussian or Arabic translation.)