Terror is Terror is Terror

Terror Attack in Brussels Airport

Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the bereaved families in Belgium and around the world following the horrible terror attack yesterday. Whether on the streets of Paris, Istanbul, Brussels, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, terror attacks against civilians are evil and cannot be justified by any ideology or reason. Terror is terror is terror. Period.

On Monday, one day before the appalling attack in Brussels, I participated in a five-hour session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and heard hundreds of speakers spew anti-Semitic, obsessive, inaccurate condemnations of Israel. I will never forget this experience. It felt to me as if, ideologically, the railway lines are being laid once again in Europe to send us back to the ovens of Auschwitz. All I can say is, NEVER AGAIN.

It was an honor for me to represent the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, at this session, and to utilize the two minutes allotted to me to express a few thoughts of truth and reason.

Click on the video below to view my statements.