Testimony: Salvation in My Family

My niece, beloved by many, owns a very successful dress boutique in Rishon LeZion. Recently I told her how wonderful it is to see her succeeding.

Her face fell and she said, “Rachel, I have everything that I ever wanted and I feel nothing – only emptiness and a void in my heart.

I looked her in the eyes and replied, “You are just like I was. I was successful in TV and in designing clothes. I was as successful as I could want, but it did not fill me. Everyone loved me, but it brought me no joy.

I told her how I discovered Yeshua and how my life changed completely. Having eternal salvation is the only thing that can bring us joy. Everything else in life is temporary, but Yeshua is forever. He filled the empty place in my heart.

She grabbed my arm and said, “It’s time! I want to hear more! Can you come on Monday?” I told her that of course I would come, but in the meantime she must take a notebook and write down all of her questions. Then I would come and teach her all that I know.

She called me every day to remind me to come on Monday. She said that she must change her life. After her call, I put down the ‘phone and shouted for joy! I have shared with her for fifteen years, and she was never interested. Now all of a sudden she really wants to hear!

Monday came and she had a million questions. I stayed until 2 in the morning teaching and answering as much as I could. She phoned the next morning to say that she was completely filled with excitement, energy and unspeakable joy! She didn’t know what was happening to her.

During our next meeting while we sat and studied the prophecies about Yeshua, she told me about a dream she had where Yeshua said to her, “Come after me”. When I asked her if she was ready to receive Yeshua, she said, “Yes!” She prayed and asked for forgiveness for all of her sins, and to receive Yeshua. She shouted with joy and then told me she was going to raise her family to be believers.

This article originally appeared in Israel’s Restoration Newsletter, June 2016 and reposted with permission.