Testimony – “There is Power in The Name of Jesus”

Tower of David, Jerusalem (Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since an early age , I always had an almost inherent respect for the Jewish Nation. My Mother was friendly with a lot of Jewish people .

I remember after a night at the dancing in Glasgow I gave a lift home to a nice Jewish girl. Remembering my conversation with her, I said to her, “You are the chosen race”.

Yes the Jewish Nation is the Chosen Race, and it has never been revoked by God.

I am a retired engineer, and I travelled worldwide with my job.

During my travels, I started training in the Martial Arts, and eventually became an Instructor of Self Defence. I also became a member of the P.B.A. (Professional Bodyguard Association).

Many years later I left the Martial Arts having realised the very real darkness of these violent practices .

I guess God was preparing me, to utilise the discipline I learned – to work for Him.

Around March 1993, I received a wonderful God given experience, which totally transformed my whole life. I became a soldier for Christ, and until this very day I now travel the world speaking on behalf of God the Father and his Son Jesus .

My friendly association with the Jewish Nation was deepened when I was told by my doctor that I needed a medical circumcision, the year was around 2015 .

To make sure I would be spiritually alright for the circumcision, I phoned a local Rabbi to ask if there was any sort of set prayer that I could say regarding my forthcoming operation .

He asked me what Faith I was and I told him that I was Catholic.

During the conversation he told me “Because you have shown so much respect and humility in asking about the circumcision procedure, I am sure God will pour out his Grace upon you.”

These kind and loving words from the Rabbi, came to fruition on the February 18, 2017, when I received an unusual invite. It was an e-mail from Jerusalem in The Holy Land .

The e-mail stated that there was a Conference about Reconciliation in The Cinematheque Centre in Jerusalem.

The dates of the Conference was May 21-23, 2017. I replied saying that I was a Roman Catholic, and that I had no Idea why I had been invited to this mainly Judaic Conference.

I received a wonderful reply saying, that the organisers had no idea why I had been invited, but they realised that something spiritual was happening .

I replied saying that it was interesting that the Conference was about Reconciliation – because I had just completed a series of talks about that very subject!

I also stated that there is no Reconciliation without Forgiveness .

The next reply stunned me.

“You have to speak here!”

Therefore, I prepared for this exciting trip to Jerusalem .

Two important confirmations followed – regarding my trip to Jerusalem. I was shown in a vision, the Good Lord beckoning me to come to Jerusalem.

I also asked for another confirmation to come through my wife Mary.

This second confirmation came to fruition after our prayer group – my wife suddenly blurted out, “ Joe, all day I have been thinking about the man you met in the hospital ward after your circumcision, the man’s name was Joe and he seemed to know you , although he was the only other person in the ward!”

I replied, “That’s right, it was strange – he spoke to me in the waiting room and asked me my name, it was as if he already knew me, even though he was a complete stranger to me!

Anyway, “Thats the confirmation I was waiting for!” I replied to my wife.

Speakers from around the world were scheduled to speak at the Conference. My talk was scheduled for Tuesday May 23, 2017 .

Prior to my talk which was scheduled for 10 am – whilst walking to the venue – I stopped at the top of the hill which looked down on the Cinematechque Conference Centre. I thought it would be good to look over my notes .

All of a sudden a young man around about 30 years of age approached me. He was dressed in black, with a large fedora style hat on his head.

He asked me out of curiosity, “Hello how are you?” I said, “I’m fine.”

“What are you doing at this early hour?” the stranger asked.

“I’m studying my notes for a talk down there in the Cinematechque.”

“What’s the talk about?” he enquired again.

I told him it was about Reconciliation and Love.

We then proceeded to have a real in depth discussion about the Hebrew word for Love and the meaning of love. He told me he worked at a local college.

During the conversation, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to say forcibly to him “There Is Power in The Name of Jesus.”

I could see that this had an effect on him – as he stepped backwards .

Further on in the conversation, I repeated the same words again: “There Is Power in The Name Of Jesus.”

After a few more minutes of conversation we exchanged e-mail addresses – and I then made my way to the conference centre.

My talk was received well.

During my talk – some people were healed, ( I am involved in a Healing Ministry too) including the Rabbi, who had part organised the Conference!

When I returned home after the Conference, I decided to contact the stranger I met on the hill that day.

He replied immediately saying, “Whats your phone number?”

The stranger telephoned me immediately from Jerusalem.

“Joe I have something to tell you , something has happened to me. Every time I think about Jesus, I get a powerful feeling of Love in my heart.”

He then added, “ I don’t like Jesus!”

I replied, “Well Jesus certainly likes you, and is revealing himself to you.”

There was a pause, then he asked, “What do I do?”

I prayed immediately to The Holy Spirit.

After this brief pause, he asked me again, “What do I do?”

I replied, “Tell Jesus you Love him, and ask him to guide you.”

He asked me, “Can you pray with me Joe.”

“Of course,” I replied.

I asked Jesus to continue pouring his healing precious blood over him.

I knew he was having a truly Messianic experience.

At the end of the conversation he thanked me for the prayers and said he would be in touch again.

I didn’t have long to wait, the following evening he phoned again.

He started the conversation saying, “What is happening to me Joe?”

I told him again, “Jesus is revealing himself to you. You are having a powerful Messianic Experience.”

He asked me, “What was it that you said to me on the hill that day during our conversation?”

I replied, “There Is Power in The Name Of Jesus.”

“Ah that’s it,” he said. He continued, “The day after I met you, I was walking past the exact spot where we spoke – when I suddenly dropped my mobile phone. As I bent down to pick up my phone there was a leaflet lying next to my phone. I looked at the leaflet, and it said “There Is Power in The Name Of Jesus.”

This confirmed my thoughts about his experience – being a truly Messianic Event.

After a few seconds he said, “I’m a Rabbi!”

I paused and then said, “So was Jesus.”

There was a stunned silence.

He then spoke about not wanting to go back to his teaching job.

I felt in my heart that the Holy Spirit was teaching him that Jesus was the Messiah.

He again asked me to pray over him.

After the prayer, he asked me what I did.

I replied, “I am a Christian Evangelist and I travel the world speaking for Jesus.”

That ended a brief flurry of calls .

The Rabbi asked me to keep his name private. I will respect that plea.

I praise Jesus for this spectacular miracle – we must remember that Jesus is the Master of all things, and through this conversion miracle – he proved his Love for us.

Joe is available to organize a healing service, seminar or talk in Israel. Anyone interested is welcome to contact him at: joelivingston1967@gmail.com.