Give thanks to our God and Savior, for He is good, giving us Life everlasting!

We remember the best of all American holidays from its beginning. And as those who know the Giver whom we praise with our thanks, it is a holiday for all to appreciate, wherever we may live, at whatever time of year that best suits. Thanksgiving in the U.S. occurs following the harvest season, much like Succot (Feast of Booths/Tabernacles), thanking God for the bountiful harvest at the end of the agricultural year. Both lead us to the special time of the Giver’s birth: the Father gave His only begotten Son, who gave His body and soul on the cross for our redemption. Now we who believe in Jesus/Yeshua are part of YHVH God’s great and bountiful harvest at the end of the age, and we will surely thank Him even more then! The Holy Spirit helps us now, but then face-to-face; and we will know Him even as we are known by Him. O happy day!

We can say that we are very thankful to God that, while the kingdoms and nations of the world plow ahead towards increasing lawlessness and satanic deception and frenzy, Yeshua/Jesus is going to come again to make this world right! Can we say Amen to that?!  Sadly, this spirit of falseness is gaining ever more access even into the local churches and congregations of those professing the faith. The assembly in Laodicea (which means essentially the same thing as does democracy) were very content with themselves and their worship services and lives, to the degree that they did not even know that the Lord was not inside, but outside. He knocks on the door of professing believers, offering to come into whosoever among them would let Him in. This is not evangelism, but rebuke, and a call to repentance back to Him and our first love.

This article originally appeared on Streams in the Negev, November 18, 2020, and reposted with permission.