Singapore Bible Society to include Israeli artists in Colours of the Bible competition

art: families in the Bible
(Image: The Bible Society of Singapore)

Founded in 1837, the Bible Society of Singapore will conduct an art competition and exhibition entitled Colours of the Bible as part of their 180th anniversary celebration. The event will welcome, and has made it easy for Israeli artists to participate.

“I am encouraged by the growth of Colours of the Bible,” Eric Chan, assistant manager of the society’s Centre for Advocacy, Relations and Engagement, told KNI. “Along with our partner, the Embassy of Israel in Singapore, we are seeing more international entries every year. Our judges have also noted the increasing quality of the artwork.”

Almost 2,000 people came through the society’s exhibition last year and some of the best entries have come from children with disadvantaged backgrounds and disabilities, according to Chan.

“It is a blessing to enjoy the fruit of their hard work,” he said

This year’s theme is “Families in the Bible.” Media to be judged will include paintings, drawings, sculptures, crafts and textiles and scripture calligraphy. Entries will be divided into four age-group categories for evaluation: seven years and below, eight to 12 years, 13 to 18 and an “open” category which will include all entrants 19 years and older.

Though it is an international competition, all entries must be submitted to Bible Society offices in either Singapore or Jerusalem. To be eligible, entries in Israel must be submitted with a printed registration acknowledgement by June 10 and may be dropped off at the Bible Society offices at 17 Jaffa Street in Jerusalem. (For Jerusalem office hours, alternate methods of submission and to learn all the rules and regulations, please see the society’s Terms and Conditions page.)

Artists may register online here. Registration details, frequently asked questions and awards can be found here. During and after the event, the society will maintain and update the competition’s status at their Facebook Page.

“Colours of the Bible is an opportunity for people to engage with the Bible through the medium of art,” Chan added. “While biblical truths are most often learned through the study and teaching of God’s Word, the medium of art is also an avenue for prayerful reflection and creative engagement with the Bible. Mankind has been gifted with a capacity for imagination and creativity by His Creator, and great art touches the depths of our being in ways that are profound.”