The Biblical Miriam AKA Mary

Who was the real Miriam, or Mary? I felt led to investigate through Scripture:
1. In the lineage of the Patriarchs and kings
2. Chosen by Elohim to carry His only begotten Son Yeshua, Jesus
3. Fulfilled Isaiah 7:14
4. Obedient to receive & accept what the angel promised, even though she & Yosef weren’t married yet
5. Didn’t complain about riding a donkey while pregnant and giving birth in a stable
6. Trustworthy with the gifts of the Magi
7. Didn’t complain about moving as the Holy Spirit directed Joseph to go in and then out of Egypt
8. Tender hearted to treasure all she heard about her son and to ponder this, but not become proud or arrogant at all
It’s easy to reach the conclusion that Miriam was an obedient and trustworthy woman who loved Elohim with all her heart and was willing to lay all of her needs and desires aside to fulfill what Elohim wanted her to fulfill. As the earthly mother of our Messiah, we should honor and respect the Miriam of the Bible in the same way we would honor and respect King David and Elijah. None of them are Elohim and none of them can save us from our sins, but we honor their obedience  and faithfulness and their ability to discern the voice of Adonai.
It’s important to make this distinction because the Body of Messiah consists of a mixed group of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish followers of Yeshua, who are hopefully filled with the Holy Spirit. We each bring a unique and much needed perspective to the table.
And we know how the enemy continually seeks ways to divide the Body of Messiah. The issue of Miriam is certainly a major point of division.
For example in the Jewish world we have enough problems trying to figure out who Yeshua is. After all He’s been presented to us as a blond haired, blue eyed man who speaks King James English, completely devoid of His Hebraic roots who has nothing to do with the Leviticus Chapter 23 Feasts of Adonai. Yet Yeshua came to fulfill every one of these Holy Feasts! And the Jewish response because of the history with the institutional non-Spirit filled church is to curse His holy name with that horrible acronym Yeshu which means “May His name be forever forgotten!
G-d forgive us!
From my limited experience with the Catholic world, Miriam has been presented as a virgin even though she and Yosef married after Yeshua was born and according to Scripture, they had several children together as man and wife. But some people worship her and view her as Elohim, while Yeshua Himself is portrayed only as a baby or still dead on the cross. But we know that Yeshua is risen from the grave and sits at the right hand of our Father in Heaven!
Just as with the Jewish people, a distortion of truth has come to the Catholics concerning the Biblical Miriam. She would never consent to be worshipped like the Madonna statues in many nations are worshipped, but instead she would do what Yeshua did – point to her Father in Heaven.
I don’t believe that any of us pray to Miriam as if she was Elohim just as we don’t pray to King David or the prophets, but instead we pray as Yeshua showed us – to our Father Who is in Heaven.
Honestly as I ponder the Biblical Miriam, I’d have to wonder if she really was an Israeli Jew because she never once complained about her difficult circumstances! In my eyes Miriam was an amazingly obedient Jewish girl who is a true role model for how to behave when called by Elohim. And that’s it!