The Book “What About Us?” En Español

Our nearest neighbor was a widower named Remaldo. We had to pass through his farmyard every time we entered or left our New Mexico hippie commune in the foothills of Sandia Mountain. Since Remaldo spoke no English, we used all the Spanish we knew and began acquiring more. He graciously gave me a tanned cow hide, which I used to make a drum, stretching it over a wooden barrel. That drum had great tone!

And so began my love affair with the Spanish language. A subsequent New Mexico mountain experience found us at a higher elevation, touching the northern edge of the Jemez Mountains. On the mesa where we lived all of the rest of our neighbors were elderly Hispanic couples. It was an unforgettable era, learning to communicate in Spanish, eating fresh tortillas and pinto beans drenched in hot chili, helping and being helped by weather-aged high altitude farmers who accepted us – strange as we were.

Eitan hoeing Hispanic owned land in New Mexico

Then our hearts were captured by Jesus – we didn’t yet know Him as Yeshua. Our first steady involvement with a believing congregation took place in Templo Cristiano, a Spanish Assemblies of God church in the remote village of Gallina, New Mexico. The first praise songs we sang, the first sermons we heard were in Spanish. With warm hearts the people embraced us as we were, caring not that we were gringos who spoke their language haltingly. They simply showed us God’s love.

Esta aquí, en Español – It’s here, in Spanish!

I’ve related the above history that you might appreciate how special it was for me to see the publication of my book “What About Us?” in Spanish. This December in Mexico City, Moises, leader of the Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation, hosted a pastors’ breakfast to launch the Spanish translation of the book. What a thrill to cobble together a few sentences in broken Spanish, to greet the pastors and their wives, who came to receive a signed copy of the first printing, hot off the press. I related the story of two kings, Solomon and Hiram, pointing to their covenant cooperation in building the original temple in Jerusalem. This, the backbone of the book’s message regarding the end-time calling of Gentiles in Israel’s revival, struck a responsive cord in their hearts.

At the conclusion of the Mexico City breakfast, the pastors gathered around me, together with the publisher, dedicating the book to the Lord. My prayer is that this edition will be distributed throughout Latin America and Spain. May God use it to further His kingdom purposes for Israel and the Church.

If you want to know more about the Spanish version of the book, please contact Moises at

This article originally appeared in Tents of Mercy’s Oasis Newsletter, December 27, 2015.