The Calm Before The Storm

Amir’s commentary on the shift in Israel’s relations with Turkey and Russia in light of Bible Prophecy

Behind the recent smiles in Moscow between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin and the reconciliation agreement with Turkish President Erdogan, there is a maze of hidden interests, the main of which is gas!

The hook in the jaw of Rosh (Russia) in Ezekiel 38 will be financial gain and there is nothing more appealing to the world energy superpower than a complete control over the natural gas and oil in its part of the globe.

For a few years now Russia has been very concerned with the Israeli findings of gas and oil.

The invasion of Russia to Syria changed the rules of the game.

Israel could no longer afford to ignore Russia’s interests and as a result, Israel decided to use the cold shoulder it’s been getting from Washington lately and partner with Russia for one reason: maintaining the stability of the region and getting the Russians to turn a blind eye to Israeli airstrikes against Syrian and Hezbollah weapon storages and attempted arms transports.

The close relations from Israel flatter Russia as it validates more than anything else its role as the new chief in the Middle East.

The Turkish-Israeli reconciliation agreement is also based on the exact same hidden agenda: gas. Israel needs the Turkish territory to be able to build a pipeline for its gas to be transferred to Europe. Without the Turkish pipeline, our billions of dollars in revenues would evaporate as quickly as the gas comes from the bottom of the Mediterranean.

For the Turks, it’s a way to show to the Arab and Muslim world that they “brought Israel down on its knees,” yet for the Israelis it’s a small price to pay for the sake of future business.

However… The minute Russia will feel uncomfortable with the Israeli export of gas and the Turks will see that Israel benefits from it more than they did with their “act of humiliation” that would be long forgotten by then, the tone of Moscow, as well as Ankara, will change dramatically. In fact, gas and oil are now on the table as the reason for any collaboration or potential crisis between the three countries.

So, it’s only a matter of time now until the area will reach a boiling point and Russia and Turkey, assisted by Iran, Libya and Sudan, will launch the famous Gog and Magog war on Israel.  

Keep your eyes open and look up cause our redemption is definitely drawing near!

This article originally appeared on Behold Israel, June 28, 2016, and reposted with permission.