The Church is in Serious Need of Rediscovering Her Roots

Matthew 7:23  Away from me you who practice lawlessness

Some of you may have heard the shocking news that broke this week about the resignation of a very high level leader in the Body of Messiah in the USA. I am not going to mention names, but this man is the son of one of the best known American tele-evangelists from the 1960’s. Until this week he was the president of the ‘Christian’ University that was founded by his father. His resignation follows the revelation that his wife had been having an ongoing extra-marital relationship with a swimming pool attendant who worked at a hotel the couple regularly visited. It is being reported that the husband would watch his wife and the pool attending as they engaged in adulterous sexual activities.

When I first heard the news, I thought to myself …. “doesn’t the Bible call this immorality and sin”? Of course it does, and I am sure we all know it. Truth is that even most unbelieving married couples would not behave in that perverted way. The fallout and impact from this announcement will be very damaging and will go far beyond the couples family and friends. I remember a similar event many years ago when we heard that the worship leader and assistant pastor of the church we attended in New Zealand when we became believers, had been having an adulterous relationship with a woman on the worship team. The news rocked the entire church, and much of the Church in NZ. A few years later news broke that the senior pastor of the same church, who was the leader of the entire denomination in NZ, has been having sexual affairs with a number of the junior pastors wives. This had been going on for many years, and devastated the church members who this man had been preaching to and teaching almost every Sunday service.

I am sure we are all thinking the same thing …… How can this be? How can this happen? How can the leaders we trust bring disrepute to the Kingdom and betray us like this? I am not writing this comment to point the finger at these men (and women) as we can all fall into sin, but this is serious stuff. Do these people not read their Bibles? Do they have no fear of the judgement of the LORD ?

I believe there is a very powerful spirit behind this kind of sin inside the Church. In the NZ case, not one of the pastor’s wife said anything over the 20 years that it was taking place. The LORD has not yet shown me the name of the spirit or spirits behind it, but it or they must be very strong to o be able to operate at leadership level, who do know what the LORD says in His Word about sexual sins, and yet the engage in behaviour that most secular heathens do not engage in.

I also believe that there is another major dynamic that creates the vacuum that allows serious sin into the camp. It is Torahlessness or most English versions say in Matthew 7:23Lawlessness.

It has been very clear to see from the pattern of moral behaviour in Israel and in most Western nations over the last 50 years, the further our nations have moved away from GOD, the Bible, and Biblical principles, the worse the behaviour of the subsequent generations has become. The Torah (instructions) found in the first 5 books of the Bible, are the Creators instructions for a great life on  Planet Earth. I recently came to realise that the entire Bible is the Torah – the Makers’s Manual.  When you buy a new car or device, there is an owner’s manual that comes with it. If you do not follow the maker’s instructions, the car or device will not serve you the way it was designed to – same with the Torah / Bible.

Israel and the Jewish people were created to be a light to the nations, to bring the Word of YHVH to the nations, but most or the nations rejected us, many persecuted us, and some still do. This is a major reason that the World is a very sick and evil place. This is understandable considering 1 John 5:19 – the whole world lies under the influence of the evil oneWhat is hard to understand is that the behaviour of these people who claim to be servants of the LORD, is the same or even worse. I believe that the reason for this sad fact is that much of the Church also rejected the Jewish people and the Torah of YAH. Please remember when I say Torah, I am referring to the full counsel of GOD, from Genesis to Revelation. Perhaps, and I repeat perhaps this is also the reason the World has been hit by the Covid plague, the violence that is plaguing the USA and other nations, and the other issues that are facing us. Could it be that YHVH is using the plagues to shift the influence away from the evil one and back to HIM.

I am sure that not all everyone reading this comment is comfortable about the word Torah. This is because for 1900 years most preachers and teachers have brainwashed the Church against it. How many time have you heard the cliche, we are not under the law, we are under grace Its a lie based on misunderstanding who GOD is and what the Torah is. The early Church lived by the Torah (Acts 21:20) And it was not just for the early days.The reason I am writing this comment is that I believe as a Messainic Jew, I was created and called to be a light to the nations Isaiah 2:2-3 ….. it shall come to pass in the last days …….. that the Torah shall go out from Zion. This is the scripture that GOD gave me to base our ministry on 22 years ago. I am also aware that we risk losing some of the amazing prayer and financial support that the LORD has raised up for us over the last 22 years of international ministry, but I fear HIM and the consequences of not fulfilling HIS purpose and calling on my life, than the consequences of man.

Having said that and to close this comment, even if you do feel uncomfortable when I write about the Torah, please have an open mind. We all think the way we think because we have been conditioned to think that way. Maybe GOD is reaching out to the World and the Church, offering HIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL, in a final attempt to lock as many people as possible, into the ways of HIS KINGDOM, that we, HIS children may dwell with HIM forever. If you have not read my small booklet – The Restoration of the Church please email me david@outofzion and I will send you a free PDF copy.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries and is reposted with permission.