The Creative Path to Honoring God // Yuval School of Arts


The great German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven once said that music was the mediator between the spiritual and sensual. He considered it to be a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

Thanks to King David, we know that the all-powerful Creator takes delight in music and poetry. Our worship touches His heart. But the Bible mentions art long before David sat on the throne of Israel. Already in the beginning of the book of Genesis we read of Yuval, who was “the father of all those who play the harp and flute.” (Gen. 4:21)

Yuval School of Arts

This “father” of music was the inspiration behind the name for a school of music and arts, founded in Jerusalem and now operating in two locations. Yuval Arts School opened almost a decade ago with a bang: almost 120 students registered for classes already in the first year of operation!

Amud HaEsh Congregation Israel
Amud HaEsh Ethiopian Congregation

The goal of Yuval Arts is to invest in the local body of believers, but also help local residents of Jerusalem and Yad HaShmona improve their skills. Every day of the week, apart from Shabbat, the Yuval classrooms resound with music. To date their youngest student was 3 years old, and the oldest – 65!

Over the past ten years the directors and teachers at Yuval Arts have organized specialized seminars (for example on sound production), holiday showcases, worship workshops and songwriting sessions. Their work is as creative as it is broad. With worship events in Israel and abroad, the small team of leaders had their hands full.

This year the school of Yuval Arts is sharpening their focus once again. With great dreams and a clear goal, in this season the leaders at Yuval are putting emphasis back on teaching. They have over 100 students taking weekly classes in piano, guitar, bass, violin, percussion, brass, vocal training, choir, drama, dance, and art.

Yuval Arts is dedicated to train, equip and guide artistic expression, creativity and musicality to bring honor to the Lord. Their vision was always to raise up worshippers, and to this vision they remain true today.

To learn more and support Yuval School of Music and the Arts, visit their FIRM member profile.