The flying wounded


As I took my seat in the plane I breathed a sigh of relief, as I noticed no one was sitting next to me. The conference I had spoken at was over and I was tired to the bone. I sat back, closed my eyes and thanked the Lord for the quiet when I heard…. “Excuse me I’m sitting in the window seat”. There went my paradise! But, have you ever noticed that as the Yiddish saying goes “man plans, God laughs”? We sat in quiet and then we started speaking. We both were wearing a striped black and white pattern. As the steward said, “Did you girls plan this?” No, God did!

You see, one of my teachings at the conference was on being scarred but beautiful. This woman started opening up to me telling me that the last four years were the most difficult years of her life. She had married, lost her job, her husband had lost his job, she became pregnant with twins, the twins were premature, one died at birth, the second died at seven months through an accident by a nurse. Her friends didn’t understand how she couldn’t get up from her bed. They grew tired with her sadness and encouraged her to get “over it”.

This woman had a deep wound caused by the death of her twins. The problem is that open wounds are not good for us. We need healing, and scars represent that our wounds have healed over. It doesn’t matter how perfect we pretend to be, we are all scarred!

In John 20:20 it says: “….He showed them both His hands and His side. The disciples then rejoiced when they saw the Lord.” Notice that although the Lord was in their midst, they didn’t recognize Him until He showed them His scars! Yeshua didn’t have to keep the scars of the crucifixion on His resurrected body, He could have returned without them.

Remember He was the one who put new flesh on the hands and feet of lepers. But, He chose to keep the scars, because they were precious to Him and that’s how others would recognize who He was. He was not ashamed of His scars. Let us not be ashamed of our scars. Our scars tell our history, our past, the hurdles that we’ve encountered and overcome. Also, when we are not ashamed of our scars and tell our stories, then others will recognize who He is (who Yeshua is) in our stories of healing!

Let’s look at someone that we all can relate to in the scriptures that was terribly wounded… Leah. In Gen. 29:17 it says: “And Leah’s eyes were weak, but Rachel was beautiful of form and face.” “Weak eyes” literally it means “a breakable, fragile thing”… it is difficult to translate. But, one thing that we do know is that it wasn’t a vision problem. It’s talking about how her eyes looked, what they looked like. They were either crossed eyes, protruding eyes or some kind of eye disorder. Laban is thinking, “I have to get rid of Leah, after all, no one is going to marry her!” So, Leah is gotten rid of through a terrible double cross on Jacob. Look at v. 25: “So it came about in the morning that, behold, it was Leah!”

Can we even imagine how Leah felt in that tent? How angry Jacob must have been and how humiliated Leah must have felt? Then the bargain is made for Rachel. But, notice something in v. 31: “….The Lord saw that Leah was unloved (actually literally “hated”!) and He opened up her womb”… In vv. 32-35 Leah thinks with each son that she gives her husband that he will see her, hear her and with Levi attach to her. Leah is thinking that he’ll love me eventually but, it didn’t happen, did it? How sad she must have been, how rejected she must have felt, just like many of us have felt. In verse 35 is where Leah’s healing of her wounds is described. She had been turning to her husband for acceptance and love until the very end but, at this point she says, “This time I will praise the Lord.” At that very moment her healing journey began! When she finally stopped looking to her husband for the things that she needed and she finally turned to God! That’s when life changed for Leah! Who was this child? It was Judah! This would be the tribe that Yeshua would come from! Through her healing it brought forth healing for the entire world! Who knows what your healing will bring forth.

As the plane landed the woman next to me wept as she told her story. I comforted her, telling her how much the Lord wanted to heal her wounds and bring forth her scars. I held her ….just as the Lord desires to hold you.