The great divide between good and evil

Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. – Isaiah 5:20

As most of you will be aware democracy gave Donald Trump the victory in the US elections two weeks ago. For many Christians Trump’s victory came as a pleasant surprise, if not a total shock. Personally I expected that the Illuminati and New World Order organisations, which control most influential people like the Clintons, would make sure that their ‘puppet’ became the next president of the United States. But somehow that did not happen. Perhaps the prayers of the multitude of pro-Trump Christians were the reason for the Trump victory, which was indeed a shock for both sides of the Great Divide.

Naturally people on the losing side are not happy and have been demonstrating their disappointment and anger in many cities across the USA. Some of the demonstrations have turned into violent protests that the police are calling riots. Donald Trump is blaming professional agitators and the media, and I also think that these people are stirring up the people to get out onto the streets to unfairly protest at a fair and democratic election result. To be fair, if Trump had lost, his supporters may well have done the same, if not more so.

The point I want to make in this comment is what I see is the Great Divide between the two sides – it is good versus evil. The New World Order is a front for Lucifer, so they oppose all that YHVH calls good, and over the last 49 or so years, since 1967, have been using music and other forms of entertainment to seduce the younger generations away from Godliness and into total unrighteousness. The music, movie and television world has pushed its Hellish agenda of corrupting the morals of the world to the point that sex outside of marriage, and even worse, same sex relationships are now considered ‘the norm’ and woe to anyone who stands for Biblical standards.

One of the other major weapons of the New World Order, just as it was in Adolf  Hilter’s New Order plan, is the majority of the news media. The liberal, left wing secular media people get more liberal and left wing as time moves on. They use the incredible power that they possess to influence the masses, to get behind the poison that the music, Hollywood and television studios produce to, corrupt our societies into idolatry and paganistic behaviour. The Western world had at least some fear of the LORD and clear lines of right and wrong based on the Bible until the late 1960’s when the slide into the abyss began.

Hillary Clinton and much of the Democratic Party, which has strongly backed abortion, same-sex marriage and more, and is in rebellion against God in many ways. A noticeable change began in the USA after Obama became President in 2008 and has been deteriorating dramatically since that time. Since the day of the shock election result, it is very clear to see that most of the people who voted for Trump, even if they did not like him, did so because they believe that he will restore some decency to the US, and most of the people who are bitterly disappointed that Clinton lost, are the ones who want to keep on murdering unborn babies, and they do not want to lose their liberty to indulge in unrighteous behaviour.

As the awesome (terrifying) day of the LORD draws closer, we can expect the Great Divide to become even greater and more divided. Let us take the times we live in very seriously, and increase our prayer for our family members, friends, neighbours, workmates, and the people we come into contact with, who are living on the wrong side o the Great Divide, that the LORD will have mercy on them, open their eyes to the truth, and reveal His Salvation (Yeshua) to them, before it is too late to cross back over.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, November 18, 2016, and reposted with permission.