The Hebrew Meaning of Tel Aviv – Local Ministry Takes New Ground

Local Ministry is Taking New Ground in Israel’s Most Modern City

Do you know the meaning of Tel Aviv? The city’s Hebrew name will leave you hopeful: THE HILL OF SPRING. It was used by the Hebrew translator Nahum Sokolov for the work of Jewish pioneer Theodor Herzl, in description of a dream – of the Jewish land.


Although not referring to the same location, ‘Tel Aviv’ appears already in the Bible. After Prophet Ezekiel heard from the Lord, he rested in Tel Aviv by river Chebar (in what was then Babylon, today’s Iraq).

Today’s renowned “Hill of Spring” is in Israel and is a great symbol of a reborn Jewish life.

The famous Israeli metropolis has gained its great popularity for having a very international vibe and offering a lot of personal freedom which is rare in the region. But more than that, Tel Aviv is a vibrant and highly populated city where faith and doubt collide.


Practically every day there is a group of followers of the Jewish Messiah that pray over the city. They literally overlook its streets, as their 18th-floor prayer room has windows in every direction, including the Mediterranean coast.

This new location has been a blessing to the Dugit ministry, providing a centralized location for the many aspects of their work.

Just a few blocks away from their HaOgen Café, the building houses Dugit offices, the VIP Prayer Tower, Adonai Roi congregation and even a foodbank distribution center.


Dugit was founded in 1993 as an outreach center by Avi and Chaya Mizrachi. A few years later they started a congregation as well and started dreaming of helping disadvantaged families in their city.

A few decades later, they encourage visitors from all around the world to visit the prayer room and pray over Israel.

The renovations on the new location continue, without slowing their ministry down, but support is still needed to get the work complete.


The extensive ministry of Dugit functions well as a complex organism. They work to develop and respond to the needs of their community in Tel Aviv.

The vision of both Dugit and Adonai Roi congregation is to share the gospel, make disciples, pray without ceasing and care for poor and needy families.

In this time of growth, Dugit keeps Jesus at the center of it all. They carry the Good News everywhere they go, consistent with their name – in Hebrew, Dugit stands for a little boat, like the ones that traveled the Sea of Galilee in Jesus’ time.

This article originally appeared on FIRM, March 18, 2020, and reposted with permission.