The Hyde family, sharing the heart of God in Israel, following dreams from the Lord

Carolyn and Richard Hyde (Photo courtesy)

Richard and Carolyn Hyde immigrated to Israel in 2003 and have been sharing the love of Yeshua, Jesus, with Israelis in the Jewish state ever since. They launched Heart of G-d Ministries, based in the Galilee region in Israel’s north, to share their unique experiences and giftings with the believing community abroad, as well as the Israeli believing community, while engaging in new and creative opportunities to share their faith and be a part of fulfilling the Lord’s promise, “Kol Yisrael Yivasha!” – All Israel will be saved!”

Carolyn Margolin-Hyde grew up outside of Chicago in an Orthodox Jewish home where she attended a religious synagogue. Today, Carolyn loves both traditional and Messianic Judaism. She reads the Torah portion every week, “because God clearly speaks through that,” she said.

She recalled a time in her youth when the neighborhood kids threw rocks at her and her brothers, calling them Christ killers.

When she got home she asked her mother, “Who’s Christ? ” Her mother told her that this is what Christians do to Jews: “They hate us.” Later in life, when Carolyn was in university and away from the synagogue, she said she began looking for something to put in that “spiritual vacuum.” She says she never considered looking at Yeshua, Jesus, so she opted to get involved with the New Age movement and it turns out all of her friends in the New Age were Jewish, as well.

While living as a hippie living in Mexico, Carolyn said she had a vision of Jesus as she was awakening from her sleep. And she said: “Oh it’s Jesus and He’s the Lord,” but then she thought: “I’m not allowed to say that.” The situation really frightened her, causing her to live as a secret believer for the next four years.

Carolyn’s faith in Yeshua these days is far from secret. In fact, part of her ministry with Richard has included speaking to Israelis on the streets. She and Richard encouraged their sons Ariel and Avi to start a ministry, which they did. Ariel manages the Tree of Life Israel ministry and Avi serves as its technical and marketing director.

If you want to clearly understand “the heart of the Jewish people,” Carolyn said, she “highly recommends going to the website “” to find the weekly Torah portion, or Parsha, from a Messianic Jewish perspective. She strongly encourages the site as a wonderful resource for extensive teachings on the Hebrew language. “God still speaks through the Torah,” she said, adding that Hebrew4Christians is great for those who want to understand the first five books of the Old Testament.

While learning Torah is a great way to study God’s word, Carolyn said, it is not necessary for Christians to convert to Judaism to spend time in the Jewish texts.

“God didn’t make a mistake if He made you Gentile or He made you Jewish. It does not matter, because none of that matters, ultimately, in the Kingdom. All that really matters is our faith and our trust and hope in Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah,” she emphasized.

Carolyn leads a 3-hour weekly prayer watch on the “Altar of Prayer,” a global 24/7 online prayer watch for Israel and for Aliyah (immigration) to the land.  Every Wednesday from 3 – 6 p.m. Israel time, you will find Carolyn online, meeting with intercessors from all over the world for a time of corporate prayer.

The Hyde’s love to encourage Jewish people to immigrate to Israel, known as ‘making Aliyah.’

She believes that Satan is blocking Aliyah to Israel and that the greatest fuel for Aliyah is prayer, intercession and worship before the Father.

The Altar of Prayer began when the Lord spoke to Dr. John Mulinde of World Trumpet Mission and Prayer Mountain Uganda and Dean Bye – the founder of Return Ministries Canada and USA – telling them about a travailing prayer that would be rooted in Israel, just as it had been given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Carolyn performing a worship song (Photo courtesy)

Heart of G-d Ministries also sponsors the Tree of Life Israel evangelistic ministry, which creates videos designed to “draw Israelis to their Messiah.” The Hydes recommend watching the YouTube video, “Isaiah 53 The Forbidden Chapter,” produced nearly 7 years ago. The Hyde’s son Ariel can be seen approaching Israelis on the street and asking them: “Would you like to read a chapter of the Bible that the rabbis don’t want you to see?”

Carolyn says that as a result of this video that went viral, many, many Israelis began reading Isaiah 53 for the first time, and started saying, ‘Wait. Wait. This is from the New Testament,’ to which Ariel would confirm: “No, it’s from the Tanakh, it’s from the Old Testament.”

Carolyn says that tracking data shows that the video has at least 15 million views.

“Because it’s on social media, there’s a link there for people to call. And people call and respond, many times with curses, okay that’s to be expected, but many call and say, ‘Can I meet you at a coffee shop?’ or, ‘Can I call you? I have questions,’” Carolyn explained.

“That’s begun this whole openness,” she continued, “and so we started making more and more videos.

There’s one that I absolutely love called, “The Great Jewish Leader.” She encourages readers to watch the video of Israelis being interviewed and told about a great Jewish leader who lived in Israel. “‘Who is it? Let’s see if you can guess,’ but almost nobody guesses right,” Carolyn said. ‘Some get mad but many say ‘I never knew this about him, he’s so full of love and compassion, and he was healing and doing good,’

The huge response generated by the video eventually led Ariel to have a burden for the abortion issue in Israel. Tree of Life Israel today partners with Bead Haim, Israel’s pro-life organization, a ministry led by Sandy Shoshani in Jerusalem that “rescues babies.”

Abortion in Israel remains an ongoing problem in Israel with a long road ahead to see a change in Israeli society, however, partnerships like Bead Haim with the Tree of Life Israel ministry.

Over 6 million Israelis have seen the video so far, which will soon be available in English.

According to Carolyn, between 5 to 10 unborn babies are now being saved from abortion each week. The video shows an actual dismemberment abortion and then directs the viewer to the hotline where they receive guidance and avoid aborting their baby.

Carolyn’s husband and ministry partner, Richard, was born and raised in a Christian home in Plainview, Texas. Richard shared that he has a Ruth-like calling to Israel, where he and Carolyn are currently busy welcoming Christian tour groups to their Galilee home. The Living Stones Experience offers participants an evening of worship, Israeli folk dancing and sharing personal testimonies about how they see the Lord moving in the hearts of Jews and Arabs today. The Hydes provide the groups with dinner on their rooftop terrace with beautiful views of the Sea of Galilee.

Heart of G-d Ministries, with their sons at Tree of Life Israel, share their original outreach videos on social media and have set up a call center with 10 full-time workers accepting calls, sharing the Gospel with those who are seeking truth and wanting to meet and know more about their Messiah.

Carolyn and Richard Hyde with the ministry team (Photo courtesy)

Carolyn shared that she is often led by the Lord in her dreams.

In the past, dreams from the Lord have led the couple to travel to Poland, Paris, Berlin and other cities where she and Richard are led to Jewish communities, where they meet Jews on the street “whom the Lord divinely sent to us,” Carolyn says. This is an opportunity to encourage them to consider making Aliyah.

Carolyn also shared that they sometimes meet people that the Lord sends to them with something as simple as choosing to pick up a hitchhiker in Israel and starting a conversation. These are “people who have open hearts for hearing the truth,” Carolyn said.

A few years ago, Carolyn said, she had a dream and felt that they should go to Paris. It was the middle of the winter and she didn’t really want to go. But the following night, she had an additional dream, highly detailed, where she was being directed to visit specific neighborhoods. Richard and Carolyn arrived in Paris just two days after the massacre at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket. As they walked through the Jewish Quarter they came across a young Orthodox Jewish man who spoke Hebrew. When they asked him if he was thinking of making Aliyah, he said that he was. In fact, she said, they spoke to many Jewish people in Paris who were ready to make Aliyah following the massacre.

“My main passion in life is learning to discern the voice of Adonai [the Lord],” Carolyn said. “This is what drives me because I believe, with all my heart, that we’re going to need this in the coming days.”

“Divine appointments abound through the Altar of Prayer Watch (when they do their prayer walks), and whenever Adonai speaks about going to certain places, we try to listen and obey.”

Carolyn is also an accomplished worship leader who has released several worship CDs, including “Just Like Joseph,” “Deep Calls to Deep,” “The Latter Rain,” and “Fine Linen.”

She records in a studio in the Jordan Valley, mostly with other local Israeli believers and her music is available through Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

The Hydes invite you to enjoy the worship songs and music videos here.