The Joseph Project donates medical aid to Syrians

Medical aid donated to help internally displaced Syrians (Courtesy The Joseph Project)

As the bombs were dropping in the beleaguered city of Aleppo, an Israeli organization comprised of local believers came up with a strategic move: They would donate a container of valuable medical supplies and equipment meant for Israel to internally displaced Syrians.

The Joseph Project – the largest importer of humanitarian aid in Israel – teamed up with Israeli Flying Aid to reallocate the container intended for Israelis to Israel’s neighbors in crisis.

“We made a decision during the catastrophe in Aleppo to divert the shipment because this was an emergency,” Jim Schutz, director of The Joseph Project, told KNI. “When you’re hearing of hospitals getting bombed and you receive the kind of aid that can really make a difference and save innocent lives, you want to do whatever you can.”

The shipment contained items such as much needed incubators, infant warmers and surgical lights.

Infant incubator donated by The Joseph Project

Facilitating the change of destination was Israeli Flying Aid, another Israeli NGO, which brings lifesaving aid to communities affected by war and natural disasters, including regions with which Israel does not have diplomatic relations.

Aleppo came under siege in a renewed offensive in November and, at one point, all hospitals in one section of the city were reportedly out of commission due to air strikes. The city was a key battleground in the war between President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and opposition organizations. On Dec. 22, a week after a ceasefire was called, the government declared it had taken full control of the city.

Medical supplies donated by The Joseph Project
Medical supplies donated by The Joseph Project

“What is unique and what’s happening right now is that, with the whole Syrian situation, there’s been a big response from Israelis in wanting to help innocent Syrian victims. What has happened in Aleppo, particularly where hospitals were being bombed and women and children getting killed, has aroused deep compassion,” Schutz said. “This is a testimony going out from Israel to the Syrian people.”

KNI recently reported about the overwhelming Israeli response to the crisis in Syria, a nation with which Israel has no relations and which harbors and supports the terrorist organization Hezbollah, Israel’s nemesis in the North.

In 2016, The Joseph Project received 47 containers of humanitarian aid and distributed, among other items, approximately 10,000 blankets, 1,400 mattresses, 3,350 boxes of baby diapers, over 15,000 boxes of clothing, hundreds of furniture pieces and approximately 90,000 kilograms (99 tons) of soup mix.

Since its inception 16 years ago, the organization has imported more than 600 containers, an estimated value of $100 million worth of aid. The Joseph Project works with municipalities and independent centers that aid various sectors of society to distribute aid.

Schutz said the vision of The Joseph Project is to be “an authentic humanitarian aid organization reaching the nation,” thanks to donations from Christians around the world.

“The Joseph Project brings together Jews and Gentiles for just the kind of expressions of transcendent love Isaiah foresaw so long ago. … We are increasingly making an impact on a national level as an authentic supplier of needed humanitarian aid across political, religious, and ethnic divides,” Schutz says in the organization’s literature. “While gaining favor from local and national government leaders and a multitude of Israeli organizations and institutions, it is raising a testimony of God’s love for Israel.”