The judgements of God


The earth also is polluted under the inhabitants thereof, because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. – Isaiah 24:5

The judgments of God are befallen humanity on the Earth. Not yet in a cataclysm of fire but in the daily evolution of history. The accuser now daily rants and the finger points one at another in a bitter festival of blame and acrimony. Every hidden transgression of the past and present is being raked up and exposed to the cold light of judgment as whores stand as honored witnesses against presidents in what has become a pornographic nation. A nation once blessed as a light on a hill is now become a brewing cauldron of spoiled and pampered children demanding the unearned while breaking down every protective barrier to the preservation of its heritage, allowing a flood of infection to enter. They are consuming each the other in their own blood, having no external enemy on their shores they devour their own flesh, children murdering children in the school corridors and city streets, hardly a day passing without another as spirituality is measured in pot and cocaine and opioids, and angry marches of discontent in the freest and most prosperous nation in human history. They know not what they have as they deplete the oceans in greed, and rid themselves of the God who gave it all to them.

In the Eastern world the scourge of Islam daily consumes itself in the violence of passionate religious zeal, its own perpetual hatred searing and scorching and devastating each the other’s mosque, while grinding its teeth to devour the church and synagogue as well. But the Jew no longer trusts in the good intentions of the barbarous and savage but wields the sharp sword of David that was withheld from him for ages, remembering the sacrifice of six million to the naivety of their misplaced and unarmed trust. And the seething specter of anti-Semitism hisses once again across the globe, threatening again the annihilation of the Jew as nations threaten the annihilation of nations on our tiny fertile planet Earth.

At the same instant the revived nation of the seed of Jacob and David and Moses re-gathers together and flourishes in the very midst of the perennial tempest of hate, growing in force and beauty, and in treasures wrought of the land and the sea and those preserved beneath the ancient ruins from a rich legacy and long heritage now unearthed, trusting in the God of Israel.

But is it a surprise? Is it not written in the Scroll? Were we not told?