The Key to Understanding All Biblical Prophecy

Ever since I was a small child and heard the names Isaiah, Ezekiel, or Jonah, I can remember the amazement I felt that the G-D of the universe would personally provide insights into the understanding of future events through chosen men and women. I loved the mysterious and the unknown, especially the concept that one person could know something that no one else in the universe knew or understood. Maybe it was because I was a product of a generation that received magic decoder rings or glasses as prizes in every box of cereal.

As I grew up, I realized that I was not alone in my desire to know and understand things that no one else did. Although I was raised in Judaism, which has plenty of mystery all on its own, I was intrigued by anything that was mysterious. I studied everything I could find out about the creation of the universe. But I was not just interested in how the world began, I wanted to know how it was going to end. It was this desire to understand the end that drew me to the study of the Prophets of the Bible and these studies eventually revealed to me the Key to Understanding Biblical Prophecy.

I have wanted to share this Key for many years now, but have not done so until today. As with all Keys, the Key to understanding Biblical Prophecy will unlock a door. Opening this door will allow all those who do so to have access to powerful understandings, exciting revelations, and amazing new insights into G-D’s word especially as it relates to end time events. If you are one of those rare people who are not interested in prophetic understandings and revelations, then I suggest at this point you click this link and read one of my previous blogs from my website.

Okay here we go, prepare to have a paradigm shift…The Key to Understanding Biblical Prophecy is:

Biblical Prophecy isn’t about you. It also isn’t about me.

All Biblical Prophecy is about Yeshua.

Biblical prophecy isn’t about America, Russia, or China. It isn’t about a New World Order, Financial Collapse or World Wars. Prophecy may include all of the above; however, prophecy isn’t about the revealing of wars, pestilence, destruction, famine, or a one world government. The purpose of all prophecy is to reveal Yeshua.

From the very first words written or spoken under the utterance of the Spirit of G-D in Genesis, until the final word in the Book of Revelation, every prophetic utterance was and is about Yeshua. While this Key may seem simplistic and unremarkable, I promise you that if you use this key it will bring clarity to the words of Isaiah and Ezekiel. With this Key, the words of Daniel and Jeremiah as well as every other prophet in the Bible will become clearer, and with the Key, the Book of Revelation will truly become a revelation.

The only way to understand Biblical Prophecy is to remember that the context and purpose is not to reveal what is going to happen to us, with us, or about us, but rather prophecy reveals what is going to happen to, with, or about Yeshua. Contrary to our feelings of self importance and self centeredness, the Bible is not about us: it is about Yeshua. Therefore, while prophecy may affect us, our world, and our lives, prophecy isn’t about us. In order to understand prophecy, we must first understand that fundamental truth.

So next time you read a book about prophecy, watch a video about prophecy, or attend a prophecy conference, take this Key along with you. If the book, the video, or the conference is about you, or worse yet, about the writer, presenter, or teacher and not about Yeshua, then take the Key and lock that door immediately. Then sit down and open your Bible and use the Key yourself to unlock the great prophetic mysteries of the Bible. When you do, you will begin to have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.