The lie that is the foundation of all lies

In Genesis 3:4, we find the very first lie from the lips of Satan when we read, “The serpent said to the woman, ‘You most assuredly won’t die!’”

In these few words, we are introduced to the destructive power of words, the foundation for every murder that has ever been committed, and the reasoning behind the justification for all genocide, including the largely unrecognized genocide, known as abortion.

With this simple phrase spoken to the very first woman and man created by G-D, Satan provided the excuse used by human beings along with the rationalization of the destruction of entire people groups, and ultimately the extermination of over 58 million unborn.

From Biblical times until today, these same excuses have been used and abused in order to allow one segment of society to massacre another with indemnity. What is this validation? Well, that is simple. It is the simple statement, “You most assuredly won’t die.” You may ask then, “How does this statement justify the annihilation of people for thousands of years?” The answer is also simple. Satan provided the ability to dehumanize people by simply saying they are not really human, and therefore they are not an equally living being; from the Egyptians murdering the babies of the Hebrews, the British saying women were not persons, the US Constitution declaring that African Americans were only 3/5ths of a person, the Nazis proclaiming Jews are not persons, and the 1973 US Supreme Court’s decision that the pre-born are not persons and unprotected by the 14th amendment.

In each and every one of these cases, and all other similar statements, the bottom line is the same. If they are not really people, then they cannot really be murdered because they will not “assuredly die.” Over and over throughout the annals of time, Satan has convinced mankind through this original lie that one race, gender, religion or nationality made one human a person with a valued life and another human a lesser, non-person. Those being non-persons do not have the rights of the living and thus are expendable for the convenience of the true person.

Those involved in the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the pogroms of Russia, and the Holocaust of the Nazis used this reasoning of the extermination of non-people and this exact reasoning is being used today to justify the murder of millions of defenseless babies in the womb as the promoters of “Choice.”

It should be noticed that “Choice” is what Satan was offering Adam and Eve also.  When you hear the leaders of the “Choice” movement proclaim things like, “The pre-born are not really ‘persons’ until they exit the womb,” or call a baby an “embryo” or “fetus,” or even the more modern and dramatically more offensive “parasite,” just remember what they are saying is the exact same lie that came from the lips of the original deceiver, Satan. They are saying it is okay for us to butcher and murder these babies because they really are not people and therefore, “they most assuredly won’t die.”

What is even more offensive is that the same group of people are at the forefront of protecting the human rights of so many others. Yet, with all of their zeal to protect and preserve the rights of many, they have fallen into the very trap that Adam and Eve fell into in the Garden so long ago. They have believed the lie that is the foundation of all lies and have joined the forces of Satan to commit genocide against those who are least able to protect themselves.