The life and times of the world’s oldest radio talk show host (part 1)

Walter Bingham talks about his remarkable life, including making Alayah at 80, and escaping Germany on the Kindertransport.

Paul: Walter, how old are you?

Walter: Well, I suppose I should say 93 but in a couple of months, if God gives me, I shall be 94.

Paul: I understand that you are the world’s oldest talk show host?

Walter: Yeah I have the Guinness World Record of oldest radio talk show host in the world.

Paul: Did you get a certificate for that?

Walter: I have a certificate yes, it’s a very imposing one and I have a photograph on the wall here with the President of Israel holding the certificate. I am waiting to get an interview with him but it hasn’t come off so far.

Paul: How many shows do you make a week?

Walter: I work for three radio stations, one I have been working for since before I came to Israel, which is nearly 14 years and that is Israel National Radio or Israel National News. I do one a week for them, 52 minutes. I also, since a year and a bit, broadcast for a news station called Israeli News Talk Radio, that is a Fox News affiliate and they get 40 minutes a week. The first programme I told you about is also heard on a small Jewish station in Melbourne, Australia.

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