The Manifestation of the Power of the Holy Spirit


Yeshua lived a quiet life in the Galilee. He was Joseph and Miriam’s son, worked in his father’s carpentry shop and did little to excite the local inhabitants. But then in a moment, everything changed. He went to visit John and was immersed. And as he came out of the water the voice from Heaven declared, “this is my Son in whom I am well pleased.” The Heavens opened and the Holy Spirit came down on Yeshua and his life changed forever. His ministry was birthed and the world has never been the same.

It’s amazing to think that in some wonderful way, we all experienced something similar. All of us were doing something before the Holy Spirit came into our lives. Maybe you were a child or maybe you were older. Maybe you had gone to church for your whole life or maybe you had never been in a church. At some moment, we each met Yeshua, we received Him as our Lord and Savior and were, like Him, filled with the Holy Spirit. At that moment, the impossible became possible and the unseen started to be revealed to us.

As I attend our weekly meetings, I am continually impressed with the deposit of the Holy Spirit that I see in each person. As a pastor, I try to encourage each to recognize this and to step out in faith. Everyone is unique and no one can take the place and calling of another. God has chosen and equipped each of us to do our part. In the Kingdom of God there are no unimportant people! No one is better, no one is worse. Each one of us is called to move out in faith and express what we have been given in order that the life and power of Yeshua would fill out meetings.

Two thousand years ago, Yeshua gathered people together and He lived out the life of God that was in him. The sick were healed. The demon possessed were set free and the dead were raised to life. Those who suffered rejection and abuse felt the love of God for the first time, and that love healed their wounds. It was miraculous, it was exciting! Today the Body has the same calling. If it is to draw many to Him, it must be an expression of God’s love, power and life.

Though I am grateful for all that is happening today, there is a longing in my heart for “MORE”. We want and need more power, more love, more of His life. We yearn to see the signs and wonders that declare his wondrous presence.

Please join us in praying for “MORE”! We know that to see the salvation of Israel, there must be an incredible downpour of his Holy Spirit in our midst in this day. Yeshua said that we would do “even greater things” than He did. We look forward to that! The dead will be raised. The sick will be healed. The blind will see and the deaf will hear. Multitudes will come to salvation.

We must walk in the truth that each of us have an important part in helping to bring forth his life and glory in this day. Your part is vital and desperately needed for God’s purposes to be realized.

As we each move out boldly in the gifts that we have been given, we will see God’s magnificent Kingdom manifest in Israel, in Jerusalem and throughout the nations of the earth. To Him be all the glory.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Newsletter, May 25, 2016 and reposted with permission.