The Mayor of Nazareth just canceled Christmas in the city

UPDATE: The mayor of Nazareth has retracted his announcement canceling public Christmas festivities in the city.

In true grinch fashion, a few hours ago, the mayor of Nazareth officially canceled the annual public Christmas festivities and street celebrations in the city of Nazareth.

Considering the large number of tourists who typically visit the city of Nazareth during Christmas, the decision will have significant economic impact on many of the Arab Christians who live in the city.

The mayor explained to The Times of Israel that his decision is in response to President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that the United States officially recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will move the American embassy to Jerusalem. The mayor told the paper, “The decision [by Donald Trump regarding Jerusalem] has taken away the joy of the holiday, and we will thus cancel the festivities this year.”

The Hidden Side of the Story

So far, you have read what most news channels, newspapers and magazines around the world are broadcasting.
But here is what most (deliberately?) fail to mention…

  1. The Mayor of Nazareth, Ali Sallam, is a Sunnite Muslim.
  2. Demographically, 70% of Nazareth are Muslims.

You see, there is a clear Muslim political agenda hidden behind his unprecedented announcement. The Muslim mayor of Nazareth is playing on the emotions of Christians around the world at the expense of Christians in his city. And he is taking advantage of the significance of the city of Nazareth in the eyes of Christians worldwide in an attempt to entice them against the State of Israel. How ironic that in Jesus’ hometown, the celebration of His birth was canceled this year in order to advance Muslim propaganda. However, just as no one could suppress the Good News of Jesus’ birth over two thousand years ago, no political agenda today will prevent the Gospel from going forth in Nazareth and in Israel!

This article originally appeared on One for Israel and is reposted with permission.