The Miracle of Israel

Once upon a time there was a dream in the heart of the God who created the Heavens and Earth. As His eyes scanned over the Middle Eastern part of the world He saw a small dot in the midst of the vast ocean and chose it as the land where His people would dwell, and where His name would be established. His eyes were fixed on that one dot, in the middle of the Middle Eastern countries and He decided that dot of land would become the land where His name would dwell forever (2 Chronicles 7:16) and would make a people for Himself, and through the land and the people He would be glorified, and His great name would be made known to all the world. He decided this land would be a good land flowing with milk and honey.

4,000 years ago it all began with a man called Abraham. But modern Israel began just a mere 67 years ago to become what it is today. Today the land cries out and awaits every Jew who was scattered from one end of the earth to the other, to return, to be established, settled and rooted in this amazing miracle land that God named Israel. This is His very own land and it is lavish and spacious enough for every one of His own people to live comfortably, and with every provision.

In the 67 years of the existence of modern Israel (1948-2016), God has done many mighty miracles, not only in the lives of the people, but also in the land which has amazingly blossomed in the hands of the Jewish people, initially through the blood, sweat and tears of the early Zionist pioneers who reclaimed it. Now Israel is once again truly a land flowing with milk and honey. Malaria infested swamps have miraculously been turned into fertile land. Water has been redirected from the rivers in the north to irrigate the dry, parched land in the south. The mountains and hills that were barren and without vegetation have been tilled and sown, and the deserts have been reclaimed through hard work and high technology. Many towns and cities have been founded, or rebuilt on their ancient sites, and are booming. Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, has been developed into a thriving, busy, beautiful city. In a spiritual fulfillment of Aliyah, there are now around 200 Messianic congregations that are continuing to grow and be added to daily, with Jews who have returned to the land, and with those already in the land, who are being saved.

This land is a miracle and everything in it is a miracle. Israel makes a statement to the world that there is a God, and He is the God of Israel, and that He keeps His word. Israel today is literally “filling the earth with its fruit” (Isaiah 27:6). Israel shall blossom and bud and fill the face of the world with fruit Israel has exported in recent years, an average per year of 160,000 tons of citrus fruits alone (aside from other fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers). What a miracle!

Israel is also at the forefront of technological, medical, digital, and scientific development worldwide and out of all proportion to her size and population. Israel has outstanding achievements in science, agriculture, health-care, education, culture and arts. This land is a supernatural land, where supernatural events did happen, where supernatural events are happening today, and where supernatural events will continue to happen.

Hopefully this article and the video below will begin to percolate a desire in your heart to come and visit us in Israel. Warning: If you want to experience this miraculous land and encounter the supernatural God of Israel, begin to plan your visit to Israel now. Expect to have a life changing experience when you are here, because He is everywhere. You cant escape Him. If you don’t want to experience the miracles of this land and don’t want to encounter this miraculous God, then don’t come, because He is everywhere. You cant escape Him.

How do I know this? 3 years ago, my brother-in-law came to Israel as an atheist of 60 years. He toured the land with us for 2 weeks, visiting strategic sites, spending hours in museums and ancient sites, as well as hearing the truth from David and me. On the last day, when he came out from visiting the Dead Sea Scrolls Museum in Jerusalem, he said to us, “After seeing that, I now believe there is a God.”

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, April 15, 2016.