The musical legacy of David Loden: A call to honor God and bless Israel

Pioneer of Messianic Jewish worship shares his story with TBN Israel in an exclusive interview.

David Loden is a well-known pioneer of Messianic Jewish worship music in Israel. Having worked in professional music and theater arts for more than 70 years, he has composed some of the most popular and beloved Messianic songs heard in congregations across the country. In addition, many of Loden’s original pieces have been translated into various languages that have been sung in churches worldwide.

Loden has dedicated his life to music and fulfilling his calling by using his gifts and talents. His legacy of music has been to the glory and honor of God and to bless Israel.

Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in southern California, Loden  began composing music in the classical-liturgical style at the age of 8 because he “enjoyed Johann Sebastian Bach” and wanted “to write music like him.”

By age 16, he conducted a choir and also received high-level vocal training with Metropolitan Opera tenor Anthony Marlowe. He went on to become production manager of New York City’s Joffrey Ballet for three years, overseeing new productions and went on to perform in 29 operas.

After coming to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) Loden left the stage and later immigrated to Israel with his wife Lisa, where they established Beit Asaph Congregation in Netanya. Loden soon became a pioneer in writing original worship songs in Hebrew for the growing number of Messianic congregations in Israel.

For almost 50 years, Loden has been involved in Israel’s classical music scene around the country as a composer, producer and conductor of orchestral pieces, including the popular annual production of Handel’s “Messiah” which he translated to Hebrew.

In a recent interview with TBN Israel, host Mati Shoshani met Loden in his home in Netanya to discuss his long journey of faith, sacrifice and commitment to God’s calling – to bless the local body with the gift of music – and the huge impact it’s had on believers in the land.

“I’ve always been extremely interested in spiritual things,” Loden began.” I mean, I was a bonafide, card-carrying hippie, you know. And I was really on a spiritual search…”

Loden explained a particular man would often come to visit, who he described as “different than everybody else.” Eventually, Loden asked the man what made him so kind and good and so the man shared his testimony of coming to faith in Yeshua.

“He would sit there and he would read to us and he would teach us. For months he did this. I was the first one to finally break down and say, ‘I don’t have any questions left. You’ve answered them all.’ He said, ‘Well, let’s pray’. So we did. I really felt that the Lord was strengthening in me something that could only be described later on as a specific calling,” Loden explained.

David and Lisa first thought about just visiting Israel but later were in agreement that they were to live there. They finally made the move in 1974.

“When we came here, we had our guitars, suitcases and £80 sterling. That was the entire thing…and one way tickets,” Loden said during the interview.

According to Loden, the only two things the couple knew was that they should start a house meeting of some sort and that David was to write music for the yet-to-be-seen body of believers in Yeshua in the country.

“We did have some sort of an understanding that whatever it was we were doing was fundamental to everything that was going to come afterwards.”

“I firmly believed that this body… of worshipping believers in Jesus, was going to grow and flourish,” he added.

As part of his calling to Israel, in 2009 Loden founded “Kamti”, a non-profit production association which provides a platform for concerts – performed at a high standard of excellence – that present biblical and liturgical content in the Hebrew language.

Founded on spiritual principles of scripture, prayer and faith in Yeshua,  the goal of the organization is to bring words of truth to the people of Israel to order to enrich lives and encourage them to know God as their Creator.

The flagship project of Kamti, the “Liturgi-Kal” Concert Choir, also founded in 2009, features singers from all over Israel and has quickly become visible on the Israeli music scene because of its emphasis on excellence and its impeccable choice of partners, such as the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, the Ensemble Barrocade and special guests from abroad.

Loden’s life is an example of how God can use someone with a unique gift and commitment to their calling to achieve great things for the Kingdom of God.

“I remember when I was very first here and I found myself walking on the beach and saying, ‘Maybe all this God stuff is just stories that’d been told to me. Maybe it’s all junk.’ The next day I really felt I got a word from God. It said, ‘It is not your faith that’s important. It’s my faithfulness. And it’s true for all of us.”

The Nazareth Concert Series – “Yama VaKedma” – continues this winter with the  “Joy to the World!” concert featuring “Gloria” by Antonio Vivaldi, sung in Latin and “Messiah,” Part I (Christmas portion) by G.F. Handel, sung in Hebrew.

Click here for the concert locations, information and program.

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