The Myth That Rabbinic Oral Tradition Sees Women As “The King’s Daughters”

On one hand they tell you that you are the daughter of the king… But on the other hand, they spit on you, put you down and push you to the back of the bus!

Do you want to know what they really think of you? For that you have to descend to the dark places of the rabbinical writings… And brace yourself because it’s going to be ugly! And it’ll get worse from quote to quote.

According to Sephardic chief Rabbi Ovadia Yoseef, women have no mental capacity to learn deep things like the Torah. Rather we are only smart enough to sew and to cook…

“Women need to cook, not study Torah. There is no wisdom in a woman but for sewing.”

And in addition, Maran agreed with Baba Sali and quoted him regarding women that wear a wig:

“Listen up!  When you enter the afterlife, they will burn you! They’ll start the fire on your wig and burn you whole.”

Because of hair?!
Likewise, a Breslev leader said:

“A man should know that a woman is a donkey. When a man gets married, he’s not marrying a person, but a donkey.”

And lately he added:

“A woman is a brainless thing. It has no mind. She’s only capable of taking care of children. Other than that, she’s brainless.”

He evidently took inspiration from the Sages that wrote:

“Women aren’t smart or trustworthy.”

It’s not enough to call us stupid and inferior, we also need to keep our mouths shut!Even when they hit us! Listen to the words of Rabbi Benyamin Manasheh Levin:

“When her husband enters the room, the woman must stand on her feet. She has no permission to sit down until her husband does. And she’s not allowed to raise her voice at him, and even if he beats her, she must remain silent. That’s the way modest women should [be].”

And if we don’t agree to shut up? Rabbi Maimonides (also known as the Rambam) has the solution… His advice is to beat her!

“Every woman that avoids her household chores, you force her till she obeys, even with a whip.”

Rambam vs Yeshua

While Maimonides commanded husbands to hit their wives and force them to do things against their will, the New Testament commands husbands to love their wives, and to give themselves sacrificially for them:

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her, that He might sanctify and cleanse her.”

So what did we as women do that made these Rabbis hate us so much? According to them we were created in the image of Satan. It was ruled that:

“Because woman was created, Satan was created with her.”

And take note of a yeshiva student that dared to ask his Rabbi about the interpretation of this passage:

“I asked the rabbi for the interpretation of the verse and he told me that the utter evil, cruelty, and harshness can only be found in a woman.”

In his words, the woman is inherently cruel. Therefore, cruelty is embedded in every woman, Jewish and Gentile. Only a woman is able to reach the ultimate root of evil. That is, all the troubles and problems in the world are due to one factor = woman.

“After I asked the Rabbi, “Why was a woman created if she was so evil?” He answered, “To serve the man who keeps the commandments.”

Only a woman can be the root of all evil? So I wonder, were Hilter, Mao, Stalin and Khadafi all women?! If the root of evil is women, that would explain why there are Rabbis who allow husbands to murder their wives!

According to Rabbi Moshe Vaknin, if a woman is murdered by her husband it is her fault!

“Some women are stupid. Don’t be surprised when men murder them.”


It’s probably because she put a dent in the car… The Rabbi Zilberstein, a member of the G’dolei HaTorah Council claims:

“The reason for auto accidents is women driving. The uncontrollable nature of women causes accidents.”

Perhaps he’s right! Dear women! Maybe it’s better if we simply sit in a corner at home all day and not go out! It seems like Maimonides knew what he was talking about when he commanded the husband to imprison his wife and not let her out more than once a month.

“It’s shameful for a woman to be going out all the time – going outside, around in the streets, and the husband must forbid her from doing so. He shouldn’t let her out more than once or twice a month, as needed. There is no beauty for a women but to dwell inside the house.”

Who are we to argue with the Rambam?!

Smelly vessels of blood and feces?!

But not only are we stupid, evil and dangerous, we also stink! According to Rabbi Yehoshua Weitzman, the woman (in contrast to the man) by nature stinks and therefore should wear perfume… The head of the Hesder Yeshiva explains:

“The woman naturally needs perfume because naturally she smells worse than men.”

I wonder why as women we’re so stinky… For sure the Rabbi Itzhak Cohen knows! In his words:

“In the world of truth, they will see that a woman is a sack of excrement.”

Don’t worry, he didn’t make it up – he has a source from the Talmud! The Sages wrote that the woman is like a vessel full of feces and blood…

“A woman is a vessel full of feces, and her mouth is full of blood, and everyone is deceived by her.”

It appears that’s the way holy men of God speak. By the way, the Rabbi Yoel Sherlow in his explanation of the passage didn’t even try to give an excuse for it! Rather just admitted that:

“The sage who said it, probably saw women as despicable”

Why do they talk about us that way?? What, are we not human? Don’t we have feelings? If you prick us, do we not bleed?!

Not only do we bleed, but we might also kill something while we’re at it, because according to Rabbi Ravid Negar:

“A menstruating woman who waters a plant, can kill it. They did a study on it: a gentile got flowers, gave it to his secretary, she put it in a vase, and the flowers died!”

So according to the Rabbis it’s ok to humiliate, hit, and murder us because we are women.


But what about rape? Let’s see what the head Rabbi of the IDF has to say in the matter… Rabbi Eyal Kareem answered,

“In order to keep the soldiers moral high, they can fulfill their lusts, by sleeping with good looking gentile women, against their will. As part of keeping the army’s fighting spirit high. Hast thou raped and also taken possession?!”

In the words of Rabbi Yosef Mizrahi, apparently so! And it’s considered a good deed!

“A man raped a woman and got her pregnant? He followed the commandment, “be fruitful and multiply. And the rapist, his act is considered a good deed.”

That’s ok, we women evidently deserve it… But what about little girls? In the words of Maimonides having sex with a baby girl is considered less despicable if she’s under three years old:

“A three year old plus one day is sanctified for intercourse (in marriage)”

According to the Rabbinical writings, whoever puts his penis in a girl less that three years old, the hymen is torn, but is healed and renewed… And therefore it is not considered sex… Meaning, intercourse with a girl younger than 3, isn’t considered intercourse – Rabbi Avraham Stavi. And according to the Rabbinical writings, the rape of a child under the age of three is therefore not deserving of the full punishment!

“If she was younger [than 3] both are exempt [from punishment], for intercourse did not occur” – Talmud

So no.
Scientific examination says that’s nonsense. Her hymen is not renewed! And by the way, even if this discussion is only hypothetical musing, it still reveals what goes on in the minds of these Rabbis and what the Yeshiva students discuss in Yeshiva all day…

According to the Rabbis, women are nymphomaniacs without any self control. Ask, for example, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel and he will tell you that it’s forbidden to give women more than three glasses of wine, otherwise she will want to sleep with a donkey from the market!

“She gives in to the evil inclination that controls her and she can’t stop herself – she has no self control. Three cups of wine cause her to lose control. Four? She even makes demands on a donkey in the marketplace with no care. A donkey in front of everyone! She has no control, drunk, with no self control” – Rabbi Israel Meir Lau

Weird science

And how, according to the Talmud, do you check if a woman has managed to return from the market a virgin or not? In Tractate Ketubot 10b, we see an introductory example of how to check a woman’s virginity… It tells of how Raban Gamaliel seated two women, one a virgin and the other not, on a cask of wine while the womens’ sexual organs were exposed to the wine in the barrel. Afterwards he smelled the mouths of the two women. Rabbi Gamaliel smelled the mouth of the naked virgin and did not smell wine, because apparently the hymen blocked the passage of the smell of the wine from her sexual organs to her mouth. Rabbi Gamaliel continued and smelled the mouth of the woman who is not a virgin and it smelled of wine. After all, she has no hymen to stop the wine smell from rising from her sexual organs to her mouth…

These rabbinical discussions are sometimes borderline pornographic. We obviously don’t need to explain to you that scientifically this is utter nonsense, but if it’s written in “the Oral Law”, the Rabbis have no choice but to accept it as scientific truth.

And pay attention to this: Rabbi Arie Stern, the Head Rabbi of Jerusalem, Member of the Head Rabbinical Court, and Head of “Clear Halacha” Institute, acknowledged it and tried to rationalize it:

“We can’t really explain, maybe the elements were different back then.”

According to Rabbi Eitan Bagdadi:

“A woman who cheated on her husband would be brought out and burned on the spot… She would be burned in the city square, so people would see and learn.”

And if that is not enough, she will return in the next incarnation as… a cow!

“The Sages’ books say that a woman who reveals her upper area would usually be reincarnated as a cow. This is also one of the reasons women suffer from breast cancer. Why? Because everyone’s eyes are there.”

On the subject of breasts, Amoray haRav Ashi claimed that a husband can divorce his wife if he discovers the space between her breasts is too large and not to his liking.

“This gap is a disgrace to her and is therefore considered a defect that can lead to divorce with no rights” – Rabbi Ashi

If you think that we’ve gotten to the edge of absurdity and there’s no way that a rabbi could say anything more bizarre, it appears they can!

According to Rabbi Ronen Shaulov, hospitals are full of sick and dying children because we did not tie our hair back.

“Every child that passes away in the hospital, every sick child in a hospital, has only one reason: because YOU played with your hair! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You see children die every day, children getting buried. For your information, it’s because you didn’t tie your hair up.”

Just a few rogue rabbis?

This isn’t just about a few Rabbis – misogynistic teaching is deeply rooted in every Jew in the synagogue. After all, the Sages established this prayer which Jewish men are supposed to say every morning:

“Blessed are you, oh Lord our God, King of the universe, that you didn’t make me a woman.”

While in our times there are all kinds of excuses and different explanations by modern rabbis, let’s take a look at how the Sages understood this prayer / blessing. Take Rabbi Abraham Seva for example, who was a head Rabbi during the Spanish Inquisition. He explains:

“He didn’t make me a woman, because a woman is a curse. The way the blessing is built and its context clarifies everything for us. After all, we men must all pray: … That he didn’t make me a gentile… That he didn’t make me a slave… That he didn’t make me… a woman.”

The Gentile, the slave, and the woman are all in the same boat in this blessing. Should we remind you of what the Rabbinical writings say of the Gentiles? Here is a taste of the words of the sages:

“Gentiles are beasts. They are akin to donkeys.”

“Compared to Israel, all gentiles are beasts shaped like humans.”

“Gentiles have no soul or spirit and aren’t even equal to a kosher animal.”

“It’s good to kill Gentiles.”

This reflects upon the parallel standing of women in regards to men. The Sages determined that if a man and a woman are drowning in a river, the man is to be saved before the woman…

“The man comes before the woman, to revive and reclaim the lost.”

In the Jerusalem Talmud, Rabbi Shimon Ben Eliezer wrote that you should not give women jewelry because it will cause her to be arrogant!

“Why is jewelry forbidden? Said the Rabbi, because women are arrogant.”

And if so? Then it is a commandment to spit on her.

“The Holy Ari would spit every time he saw a rude woman. It’s a merit to spit when you see an immodest woman.”

Speaking of modesty, the popular orthodox converter, Rabbi Amnon Itzhak, says that a woman is forbidden to drive a car!

“The truth is, traditionally, it’s immodest for a woman to drive.”

So she should take the bus! Only so long as she sits in the back corner of the bus, otherwise…

“A woman can be shamed on Mehadrin bus lines because it is permitted to shame someone who disobeys Jewish modesty laws.”

Oh, forget it! Maybe she should just walk. It’s good for her to get lots of physical exercise, because according to Rabbi Yosi Mizrahi, women don’t have the right to get fat!

“If her husband is ‘allergic’ to fat, he doesn’t like it, then she has no right to gain weight. She has no right. She has to fight her cravings, because it can destroy the home.”

In another sermon Rabbi Mizrahi claims in front of listeners that the woman who is not a virgin has no value.

“She’s a defective product. She holds half her value. Why? It’s like buying a bottle of Coke, If it’s unopened, you pay $2 but if it’s open, it’s not even worth 10 cents. Who knows what filth that bottle holds? As soon as a woman becomes a used product, her value, according to God’s will, decreases significantly.”

So the Oral Torah supposedly teaches that a woman is a “Daughter of the King”?! Think about this for a moment… What kind of father would say that to his daughter?

Dear woman, maybe in the eyes of the distorted god of the Rabbinical writings your value goes down dramatically, but that is NOT the way that the God of Israel sees you.

The way of Yeshua

In contrast to the Rabbis that see a non-virgin woman as worthless, look at how Yeshua the Messiah acted toward a woman who hadn’t only lost her virginity but was found in the act of adultery:

“Early in the morning He came again into the temple, and all the people were coming to Him; and He sat down and began to teach them. The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery, and having set her in the center of the court, they said to Him, “Teacher, this woman has been caught in adultery, in the very act. Now in the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women; what then do You say?”
They were saying this, testing Him, so that they might have grounds for accusing Him. But Jesus stooped down and with His finger wrote on the ground. But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”
Again He stooped down and wrote on the ground. When they heard it, they began to go out one by one, beginning with the older ones, and He was left alone, and the woman, where she was, in the center of the court. Straightening up, Jesus said to her, “Woman, where are they? Did no one condemn you?”
She said, “No one, Lord.”
And Jesus said, “I do not condemn you, either. Go. From now on sin no more.” (John 8:2-11)

Instead of stoning her because of her sins (that according to the Torah was definitely her punishment) Yeshua the Messiah chose to display the true face of God: Forgiveness, grace, love and comfort.

To live as a woman in the shadow of Rabbinical writings creates a vast dissonance in your soul and in your spirit. You can intentionally try to ignore the parts that trample you, denying that that’s what the rabbis teach, and pretending that this isn’t what is written in the Talmud, but why should you be sentenced to live a lie?

The truth sets you free!

And the truth is that God loves you!

He knows you, He wants to draw near to you, He listens to you, and sees you as an equal among equals.

Don’t believe in the twisted god that the rabbis created to hide from you the real Creator who is waiting for you with open arms.

This article originally appeared on One For Israel and is reposted with permission.