The Nations Imagine a Vain Thing

This year has begun very dramatically, especially with the corona virus vaccinations beginning in many countries, with Israel taking a lead by making a deal with Pfizer. As everywhere, there are many questions, with fewer conclusive answers, since there is no history nor sufficient follow-up to the new mode of vaccines.

The results of the U.S. presidential and congressional elections, and the rioting at the Capitol legislature building in the capital of the U.S., have brought much anxiety to already trembling hearts. The shut-down of conservative voices from social media and threats of vendettas, and the act by Facebook to boldly admit that they will require users of WhatsApp to comply or leave — these are all moves embracing the rising spirit of antichrist in the world, and the real targets will be the Jews, the Christians, and the freedom to proclaim the truth of the only good news that there is salvation in no other name but in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (in whatever language you express His name with honor), and to worship YHVH God only — the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Truth is actually what is being suppressed, whether conservatively or liberally, since the Word of God is the truth, and Jesus says that He is. Deception is strong all around as the Lord forewarned concerning these last days.

Satan will eventually express his hatred and rage through the Antichrist against the Creator and Sovereign God of the universe, and of those who are in covenant relationship with Him: we are the “privileged people” of this world, and he is stirring up his rebellion, which he knows that can not succeed, but he is lying and deceiving the peoples of this world to fight the one true living God — the only Being who is good, as Jesus said — and against those on His side.

With all of this, our God watches over His people from the beginning of the year until its end, and this past year leading into this year is no exception. May 2021 be a fruitful year for the glory of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ — in us His family, and in His enemies. The fear of the LORD is essential for our own safety, and for genuine repentance. Praise God! Yeshua reigns!

This article originally appeared on Streams in the Negev, January 13, 2021, and reposted with permission.