The Ongoing Testimony: Update from Pastor Santoro

Editor’s note: On June 30, 2016, KNI posted Pastor Santoro’s Health Update, in which he shared about the discovery of a second cancer occurence.

The expressions of love that we received through everyone’s prayers and personal words of encouragement are truly helping us to perservere. And perservere we will until we see the final healing victory of Yeshua the Messiah in my life!

The treatments began last week. I am currently receiving an intravenous “Bio” chemo drug once a week (another 5 to go) and radiation treatments on my right tonsil and lymph five times every week (another 26 left). It is a bit grueling to have to go to the hospital so often but God is faithful and works all things to the good! We continue to use every opportunity presented to us to be a light shining in a dark place and to bring the love and hope that are in Yeshua to those we meet each time we are in the hospital.

Most recently we had the privilege to speak with and pray for a woman with cancer who was originally from South Africa. She was blessed to receive prayer and we are looking forward to seeing her again in the days to come.

Yesterday, the radiation department was one hour behind in the schedule. Yet God transformed the long wait into a wonderful opportunity to speak with a couple that was sitting next to us. They were very religous and in the natural it seemed as if it would be impossible to connect with them. But our God is the Lord of the impossible! I smiled and started a conversation with the wife (the husband is very sick with cancer of his esophogus) and all that followed was amazing. Usually an ultraorthodox woman would never speak with a strange man. Yet as we discovered, she was not “usual” and for the next hour, we had a deep and heart felt conversation with her. It was clear she was hoping to show us the error of our ways, but we used it as an opportunity to get to know her better. At one point, I gave her Isaiah 53 to read. (She assured me she would have to speak to her Rabbi about it.) In the end, she shared about her faith and we about ours and love triumphed! There was definitely a heart connection between us and we are looking forward to meeting again as we come for the treatment around the same time. Please pray that the love and faith that she sensed in us would touch her and that the power of God would begin to open doors that no man can shut!

Reading the Book of Daniel together
Reading the Book of Daniel together

When this couple left, we had the blessing of speaking with an older man, originally from France who had been listening to our conversation with the religious woman and who happened to be reading the Book of Daniel! He was friendly, warm and open and we spoke about the predictions of the coming of the Messiah that Daniel wrote about. Please pray for more opportunities with him as we meet in the waiting room.

We continue to have special times with our neighbor, Rafi and his wife whom we had also met in the waiting room of the hospital around a month ago. We have shared numerous cups of coffee at each other’s homes since then and there is a flow of love developing between us. Both he and his wife know that we are there supporting them and praying for them. Join us in praying for healing for Rafi and that he would know God is with him!

The reality is that we have shared the Good News of the love of Yeshua with more people in this past year than we have in many years! Truly God works all things to the good for those that love him and are called according to his purpose!

Here are a few additional specific prayer needs:
  • Pray for the succesful removal of ALL cancer from my body.
  • Pray that my brain continues to be completely free of cancer and that the cancer will never come back. Please pray for restoration of some memory loss due to radiation and surgery.
  • The doctors all agree that the current cancer in my throat is very treatable. Pray that their words are a confirmation of the healing power of God.
  • The doctors also say that as my radiation treatments continue, the condtion of my throat, mouth, taste buds and salivary glands could be impaired. Please join us in praying that the effects, apart from destroying the cancer will be minimal.
  • Pray that God will continue to use our trips to the hospital to witness and to pray for those that we meet. Join us in praying that the healing power of God will touch and set free those that we pray for. We are getting to know many people in the hospital, not just patients but social workers, various doctors and many nurses. We can feel God’s hand as we move in his love towards these special ones.
We Need You! And not just in battling disease but in sharing the Gospel, loving those that we meet and sheperding those in our congregation. Apart from God’s grace, we can do nothing and your prayers are instrumental in loosing His power in our lives.
This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, July 25, 2016, and reposted with permission.