The power of a focused life

We are living in very challenging times. Some of us are pressured in the workplace and stressed at home. Many people are trying to make sense of their lives. Believers are not immune to this sense of craziness and can also “lose heart” in this crazy season. But we don’t have to suffer this. I would like to encourage you and suggest areas of our lives that we can constantly remember, to stay focused on and invest into, thereby overcoming the daily trials we face in this age.

God. We have to constantly, on the daily basis, spend time in the Word of God and in His presence. This is the place where restoration occurs, receiving revelation, spiritual strength and courage to face the difficulties we may face during the day. Where are you in the Bible? What are you praying for? What mountain you are asking God to move? What areas of your life you asking for breakthrough? It’s important to keep (guard, watch over) our hearts without bitterness and regrets. If you know that there is a broken relationship with someone – go and reconcile. The test for real spirituality is not measured by how many hours we spend in prayer or how well we know the Bible, but instead, by the decisions we make after we spend time in prayer or reading the Bible.

Family. Family and not ministry should be our priority. In fact, this should be our number one ministry. The danger of being “married” to ministry is so huge. Many times, I needed to stop myself from going an extra mile in ministry at the cost of spending time with my children and wife. I am still learning. I’ve seen how many ministers are living an unbalanced lifestyle, “committed” to their ministry’s activities. That often leads to burnouts, emotional bankruptcy and at times even entangled by the lure of sin. Do you have time with your kids, grandchildren, spouse on a weekly basis? Is it something always on your “to-do-list”?

Health. If we want to serve the Lord for a long time and efficiently, we must take care of our mental and physical health. We need to eat healthy food and take on a practicable exercise routine, even if it is just to go on walks. Keep an eye on your health. We must learn to plan a vacation – it is necessary. If we don’t rest, we will be tired and unable to work with other people. Fatigue can fog clear thinking. It can make one edgy and disagreeable. Nobody likes to work with tired people! Rest helps us shift our focus from work to recovery, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, set boundaries for yourself and remember that you still need strength and time for family, friends and just relaxation. Strive for balance.

Personal development. We should be committed to a personal growth or development. Personal development is the ongoing act of building your skills and qualities to reach your potential. One of mine is book reading. I’m constantly reading at least one book a month related to the area of my calling and/or family. Personal and social leadership, management, history of Israel, biographies and child growth, these are all topics I am totally interesting in! What books are you reading? What are the topics do you find interesting? Personal development may also take the shape of exploring a new skill or revitalizing an old one, such as music, art or craftsmanship of some kind.

Internet. It’s amazing how easily we can be addicted to the internet. News, Facebook and other media outlets can take so much time, skewing our focus and actually draining power from our lives if we are not controlling ourselves! So many of people are engaged in chats or postings, focusing on topics such as the issue of vaccination, conspiracy theories, End-Time deceptions or even on the eschatological prophecies like the “close coming of the Rapture!” Friends, we need to learn to slowdown and even disconnect from the Internet for our mental and spiritual health. 

Servanthood. Servanthood is another way to focus our lives in a season when so many others feel unconnected to society. The ways of God are always grounded in servanthood. A study of the Bible’s great men and women of the faith will show us that they learned this important truth. Moses tended this father-in-law’s sheep, David served Saul, Joseph worked in prison, Daniel served a pagan government, and these are just a few examples of how God prepared world changers through servanthood. Let us be like Yeshua with all the power of a servant’s heart, not expecting others to serving us, but rather we are serving others. Do you have on a weekly basis someone that you are investing your time and energy into?

Let’s stay focused on the Lord, committed to our families and personal growth, keeping our heart vibrant for the Lord and people around us.