The Power of the Blood

The Life of the flesh is in the blood – Leviticus 17:11  
I want to focus on the antidote to Satan’s power – the blood of Yeshua, the Lamb of God.

I was inspired to write this after an accident. My 93 year-old uncle had a fall at his apartment and as a result he seriously cut his head open. He called me for help and when I arrived it looked like a murder scene. There was blood everywhere. My uncle was covered in blood. The floor was covered in blood. The chair he was sitting in was soaked in blood. My son and I drove him to the emergency room at Carmel Hospital, where they stitched up the wound, cleaned him up, and checked him for any internal injuries. A few hours later we took him back home and I set to cleaning up the pools of my uncles bright red blood. After a few hours sleep my uncles was as good as new – well, as good as a 93 year-old could be.

Now back to the blood. I don’t know how much blood my uncle lost, but it was significant. Actually, I have never see so much blood in real life. A few hours later, as I was thinking about all that blood, I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to me about the holiness of blood to the LORD. If the life of the flesh is in the blood and YHVH is the giver of life, then there must be a spiritual connection between God and blood. In Genesis when Cain murders his brother Abel, the Father in Heaven declares to Cain, the blood of your brother cries out to Me from the ground. I thought again about my uncles blood that had been spilled all around, that it was very holy to God. When someone dies in Israel from a car accident or terror attack, there is a special Orthodox Jewish organisation that quickly arrives on the scene to painstakingly collect all of the blood and human remains, after which they respectfully bury it.

Now to the point I want to make. If the blood of human beings is that holy to the Father, how much more is holy to Him is the blood of His only begotten Son, Yeshua? (I was not sure whether to put a question make or exclamation mark after that last statement). Most pictures of Yeshua on the cross are clinically clean – no blood visable. However, the movie Passion of the Christ is a far more realistic representation of the whipping, beating and crucifixion of the Lord; His body and face are torn apart and extremely bloodied.

Not a pretty sight to be sure, but without those pools of Yeshua’s shed blood there would be no New Covenant and we would all be still unsaved sinners with no hope of salvation and eternal life in the Kingdom of God. God forgive us if we have not taken the sacrifice of Your Son seriously enough. And forgive us Father if we still give our own lives and reputation priority over sharing the Gospel with the people we come into contact with.
Father I pray that you will give a fresh revelation to everyone reading this message, of the enormous price that You paid for each one of us, and the absolute holiness of Yeshua’s blood, and the holiness of every drop of human blood that You have ever created. And help us to remember that the blood of Yeshua is more than powerful enough to overcome and defeat the kingdom of darkness.

Father fill us afresh with your Holy Spirit and empower us to be your servants and your witnesses to a lost and dying world.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, June 24, 2016, and reposted with permission.