The relevance of God’s judgment

I remember several years ago, when I was living in Dallas, that a terrible hurricane was predicted to hit the gulf coast near Houston. The people of Houston packed up and headed north toward Dallas to avoid the storm, fully expecting that the storm might utterly destroy their homes. On the way, highways were filled with those evacuating, and the weather was very hot (typical of Texas in the summer). Two buses that were filled with evacuees and which had natural gas tanks aboard, exploded when the gas tanks overheated. In the end, the storm never came and the evacuees returned to their homes.

The events in the above paragraph, when taken out of any historical context, appear to be strange and meaningless, leaving everyone scratching their heads saying “That was strange!”. In context, however, they tell a message. The above events took place at the end of the disengagement from Gaza, when Ariel Sharon, pushed by the United States, forced all of the Jews living in Gaza to be forcibly removed from their homes. Gaza governance was turned over to the PLO which a few years prior had been responsible for an intifada most noted for blowing up buses in Israel. The president of the US at that time – George W. Bush – was from Houston, Texas.

When God brings judgment, there are many reasons and purposes for the way in which He brings that judgment. God’s judgment accomplishes His righteousness because He is just, it reveals who He is to the world, it is meant to bring about repentance in either those being judged, those who learn of the judgment, or both, and His judgment is appropriate for the particular actions that are being judged. God’s judgments are at a group level. The specific individuals who suffer most are not necessarily any better or worse than those individuals who happen to not suffer directly. For example, the first-born males in Egypt were not necessarily any better or worse than the other family members. However, God often uses the method of judgment to bring a message. Let’s consider some biblical examples of God’s judgment.

Jezebel brought Baal worship into the North Kingdom in a major way. Baal worship involved a reliance on Baal to bring rain for the people to grow their crops. When rain was needed, the people looked to Baal for that rain, most likely with demonic rituals. What was the judgment at that time? There was a famine caused by a lack of rain for 3 years.

In Gen 9:1, God commands Noah and his descendants to fill the Earth. In Gen 11:4, we read that people built a tower to make a name for themselves in an attempt not to be scattered over the earth. The tower of Babel accomplished scattering the population throughout the earth Gen 11:9.

How about the plagues brought upon Egypt – specifically the first plague? Pharoah had declared that all male babies were to be thrown into the Nile. The Nile was thus filled with the innocent blood of infants. During the first plague, the Nile was turned to blood Ex 7. It is noteworthy that this plague was the same for the Egyptians as for the people of Israel. As often happens, God’s judgment affects the righteous and unrighteous alike. The LORD delivers us through the judgment, but not necessarily from all of the effects of the judgment. God also specifically states that through the signs that He will perform, the Egyptians will know Him Ex 7:5.

I would like to discuss some events in history which I believe might be related (spiritually) to some of what we are experiencing at the current time. There are two very notable events that occurred during the 1970s and 1980s that involved the most helpless amongst us. The first event is the legalization of abortion in 1973 in the United States. Many nations followed suit in legalizing abortion in the 1970s. This legalization of abortion caused many of the most innocent and helpless amongst us to be murdered indiscriminately.

The second event is the opening of an onslaught of childhood vaccinations through legislation in the United States in 1986 that granted pharmaceutical companies blanket immunity for any injuries caused by vaccines. This opened the door for pharmaceutical companies to increase their income substantially with accompanying power in the media (through funding of advertisements), in congress (through lobbying and gifts), and through regulatory agencies (which receive substantial funding from those they are supposed to regulate) while the vaccine schedule grew from a very small number of doses to dozens of doses over the subsequent years. The number of cases of childhood diseases related to auto-immune diseases and learning disabilities exploded as society forced these medical treatments on healthy children. I have provided a list of some references at the end of the article for anyone who wants to study this in more detail.

My purpose in mentioning the above was to relate those events to the current situation we are facing in the world today. The onslaught of abortion and childhood recommended/mandated vaccines was released in the 1970s and 1980s. The adults in society, particularly those responsible for the makeup of the Supreme Court in the 1970s are currently about 70 years old and up older people having been involved in forming those governments over a longer period of time. For the 1986 decision, the people who voted in that government are currently in their 50s and up. The policies related to abortion and vaccines continued over the years, so there is some culpability to all adults; however,
the largest responsibility lands on the society that was around at the time these laws and policies were first made.

The current pandemic is most deadly to those who are 70 and older, where danger increases with increasing age. Children are primarily immune. For many years, society did not do much questioning regarding vaccines when they were recommended/mandated for children. However, now they are being pushed and mandated primarily for adults rather than children.

The above discussion is not meant to try to explain away all of the evil in the world today. I
understand that we are seeing many other terrible things happening to the “free world” in our days related to censorship, government control, and attacks on some of what we believe to be our most basic rights. I am merely pointing out that many times we look at events in the world from the perspective of satanic control and end-times scenarios rather than as a God-orchestrated judgement. The way we view the events in the world will control our response, it will control the way we pray, and it will control our ability to emotionally cope with those events, so it is extremely important to view these events through the lens of God’s sovereign judgment rather than as the independent acts of evil people.

With perfect hindsight, let’s consider how we as believers in Yeshua would/should have responded to the plague of the Nile being turned to blood or how we would/should have responded to the knowledge that Babylon had surrounded our city during the time of Jeremiah. When the plague of blood occurred, it would have been easy to think thus: Moses is causing such problems. He caused our work load to increase. The Egyptians hate us so much more now. And if that wasn’t enough, now we have to dig around the Nile to get fresh water after we are exhausted from gathering straw to make bricks. It would be better if Moses just went away and left us alone. Let’s pray that Moses goes away, that the Egyptians will like us more, and that the Nile river would clear up again. Of course with hindsight, we know such prayers would have been useless because they went against God’s will. Perhaps better prayers would have been to pray that Pharoah’s heart would be softened, that the Egyptians would repent of their infanticide, and to thank God that His
redemption was drawing near.

How would we have prayed during the time that Babylon surrounded Jerusalem during the time of Jeremiah. Would we pray that God would weaken the army of Babylon and make them fall before Israel? That would have been pointless. Babylon was God’s tool to accomplish His judgment. It would have been more fruitful to pray for God’s mercy, to pray for the king of Judah to repent, and to pray for all of the people to acknowledge their sin and turn back to God.

The first part of the disciples prayer is to ask Our Father in heaven to keep His Name holy. Praying against His tools of judgment does not accomplish that. We must instead pray for mercy and that the underlying reasons for the judgment are tempered through repentance.

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