The Significance of the Name Yeshua

The Son of God is known by a number of names – Jesus in English, Iesous in Greek, Gesu in Italian, Isa in Arabic, Yesu in Chinese.

When any of those names are used most people know who it refers to, but I am not sure that His name in other languages carries the full meaning of His name in Hebrew. I know for sure that in English, the word Jesus does not have a specific meaning. However, in the Bible, Hebrew names carry a strong meaning.

In 1 Samuel 25:25 it is written that as a person’s name is so is the person. That means that the person becomes what his or her name represents.

I believe that the dynamic behind that is that we know words are powerful – life and death is in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

When we call a person by their name, we are really declaring or prophesying the meaning of the name over the person and the power of the word slowly builds the type of person that the name means.

The Lord’s mother and father did not call Him Jesus – they called Him by the name He was given at birth – YESHUA.

The word Yeshua means SALVATION. “Behold God is my salvation” (in Hebrew: Hineh El Yeshuati) – Isaiah 12:2

Every time the Lord’s parents Joseph and Miriam called their son home for dinner, they were prophesying salvation over Him and He grew up to become the Saviour of the World

As the Bible declares, there is no other name under Heaven by which we can be saved (Acts 4:2).