The struggle is real – with healing in sight

When you struggle with heavy matters, it seems shocking and unnatural that the sky above is still blue. Regardless of the cause, it can be difficult to make sense out of reality we feel on the inside in contrast with what we see on the outside.

On one hand, it may seem that the people of Israel need expert counselors more than anyone. The Jewish people have struggled to survive through generations, and even today thousands of families live under threat of rocket fire. Such deep wounds on a national level are unparalleled to anything this world has ever seen.

On the other hand, an average person in Israel may deal with the same problems as me and you – we all need guidance and encouragement in our lives.

Whether it’s personal loss, relationship struggles, addiction or anxiety, pain does not discriminate. But it takes courage to grow and to find healing in troubled times.

Dr. Katherine Snyder is an experienced counselor by profession, and a woman of faith by conviction. A dual citizen of the USA and Israel, she learned from the best to bring light into dark places.

In the 1990s, Katherine was living in Israel and praying about pursuing a higher degree. She needed internet access, which in those days was limited. One person that did have internet was Wayne Hilsden, co-founder and then Senior Pastor of the King of Kings congregation. Thanks to his encouragement and a series of divine interventions, Katherine went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Marital and Family Therapy.

In the meantime, through prayer and intentional pursuit, King of Kings Ministries purchased a property in Jerusalem formerly used as a sex shop. What better way to redeem such a spot than by turning it into a counseling center! Katherine was encouraged to submit a proposal by Pastor Wayne who remembered her passion and great experience in counseling.

After a season of hard work and overcoming challenges, Anchor of Hope Counseling Center was established and filled a great void in the messianic community of Israel. The center helps believers find hope and a renewed sense of God’s loving care.

Aside from much needed counseling, Anchor of Hope also trained nearly 70 lay counselors, held a 12-step recovery group for men struggling with pornography, organized specialized seminars for leaders and ministry workers in Israel, and currently operates a branch in Tel Aviv as well.

Do you live in Israel and need to speak to a counselor? Anchor of Hope is ready to welcome you! Counseling can be provided in Hebrew, English and Russian. For more information, visit Anchor of Hope’s Website.

This article originally appeared on FIRM and reposted with permission.