The Teacher and The Preacher

About five years ago two men from very different backgrounds formed a friendship that has become a means to move people together to find their common ground. Pastor Dave McGarrah, a Methodist minister, now in rural Idaho, and Charlie Schiffman, an Orthodox Jew in Israel, became friends, colleagues and motivators through their compassionate and intelligent discussions on the radio about the common roots Jews and Christians share.

They openly admitted to the past differences and conflicts that history records between the church and the Jews. But they declared their intentions to discuss these and overcome the results and help others to accompany them on the road to understanding.

As Dave states it, the increasing bias against Israel, anti-Semitism in America and all over the world is also an attack on Christians. The vicious attacks against the Bible from secular humanist groups, a media and press that seem intent on destroying any reference to God and mocking His ways, and a Government that favors Islam at the expense of Christianity are all signs of a need for revival. The anti-Israel actions of the current administration from interference in the last Israeli elections, its openly insulting treatment of PM Netanyahu, and the “deal” with a soon-to-be nuclear armed Iran, all point to a necessity of working to support The Land and its brave people of all the religions it protects by law. Israel is the only genuinely democratic nation in the region. It guarantees freedom of religion to all its citizens. It aids in disasters in an outright disproportionate ratio to its population of 8.2 million. Earthquake relief, medical assistance on the Syrian frontier, mercy shown even to teenage attackers; these are nonexistent in neighboring countries. Yet when the corrupt Abbas regime calls on its citizens to murder innocent Israelis because they are Jews, the world press turns its back.

The Teacher and The Preacher is a bridge of reconciliation and learning that all need to hear. Charlie died recently. His passing has been mourned. Dave wondered if the broadcast should continue. But Charlie’s legacy lives on. Dave found his doorstep filled with persons of influence whom he interviewed and who continue to multiply. These persons come from every type of experience, from journalists and soldiers to women who moved to Israel to help with the mission of telling the whole story of how Israel lives under 24/7 threats of violence and destruction.

The mission and ministry of bringing Jews and Christians to a tale of brotherhood and reconciliation are active and growing, and worth the attention of everyone who seeks God’s Kingdom on earth. Messianics, Christians and Jews can all find common ground as they listen to this broadcast.