The Temple Mount – The nations are treading on dangerous ground

Aerial view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City (Photo: AVRAHAM GRAICER /Wikimedia Commons)

Psalm 33:10  YHVH will bring the plans of the nations to nothing, but the Word of YHVH will stand for all generations

On Tuesday this week one of the new controversial coalition government leaders, Itamar Ben Gvir, who is the national security minister (over the police), visited the Temple Mount, as he had previously announced. He is the first Israeli government minster to visit the Temple Mount for 5 years, and only lasted 15 minutes. Leaders of most of the Muslim nations, including Jordan and UAE, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are condemning the visit. Hamas threatened Israel before the visit and 1 rocket was fired at Israel from Gaza on Tuesday evening, but it fell back into their own territory. All of that is understandable as the Muslims do everything they can to prevent losing control over the Temple Mount. They are even calling for an emergency, meeting of the UN Security Council over this visit – that is ridiculous and proves that the UN is being manipulated through fear, by the Muslim nations.

What is of more concern is that the United Nations and many of the western governments, including the USA and Germany also condemned the visit and are openly rebuking the Israeli government for allowing it. Are these people so ignorant of the Bible and the history of the Middle East, that they do not know that the all of Israel, all of Jerusalem was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, by GOD in a blood sealed covenant as and everlasting possession. Even more importantly, GOD’s house on the Earth was located exactly where the Dome of the Rock mosque sits today. The Holy House of YHVH was located there more than 1000 years before Mohammed and Islam came on the scene.

By accusing Israel of illegally occupying the land, and trying to stop Jews (and Christians) from praying on the Temple Mount, and even just walking on it, these people openly display their absolute ignorance of history. Jewish people have dwelt in the land we know as Israel for more than 3500 years. Jerusalem was always the undivided capital city of ancient Israel. The Jewish people have simply taken back (some of) the land that was taken from them. More correctly, YHVH has given the land (His land) back to the people He promised it to.  Surely the God of Israel is reaching the limit of His tolerance and grace, especially to those that claim to know Him and yet oppose much of what He says in His Word. YHVH gives a very clear warning in Joel 3:2 to those nations who o[ppose Israel and the Jewish people, and attempt to divide His land,

Praise YAH, Israel does have many friends in this very unfriendly world. People like you – true Born-Again followers of Messiah Yeshua who have the Spirit of YHVH living inside and who have His heart for His land and His people. Please don’t let anyone or anything decieve you into stop being a friend of Israel and the Jewish people. If you are a friend of Israel, then you are a friend of the God of Israel – and of course the opposite is true also.

If the government of your country, or your representative at the UN are among the ones rebuking Israel for ben Gvir’s visit to the Temple Mount, I strongly suggest that you and your church pray that they will wake up to realise that their anti-Israel behaviour will bring the wrath of the Creator of the Universe down upon themselves and your nation, and that they will repent and fall into line with Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who treat Israel lightly. (accurate translation of the original Hebrew text)

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries and is reposted with permission.