The testimony of God: Update from Pastor Santoro

God is so good! In Him we live and move and have our being. As we trust and believe in His word and His promises, the Kingdom of God increases within us and bursts out from us. It is our prayer that we would continually grow in this and let His light shine ever brighter, touching others with His love.

A Good Report

On Tuesday, we met with our oncologist to review the MRI that I had last week. Halleluyah! The results were good! The MRI showed that the size of the tumor in my brain had decreased “significantly” in the words of the doctor. We are so very encouraged and feel a new strength to continue to move forward believing God for total healing and restoration of my brain. If God is for us, who can stand against us? By his stripes I am healed!

Before we left, we gave both the oncologist and his nurse copies of my book; Lifted Up“. Both of them were deeply touched to receive it. They have walked with us closely these three years, through all the joys and through the disappointments and there is nothing they want more than to see me healed. They are an integral part of my journey. Join us in praying that as they read it, they will feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit as Yeshua is lifted up and glorified on every page.

Amazing Testimony

I am currently getting an IV treatment every two weeks at the hospital. Yesterday was the fourth time I have received it. Along with each treatment, we pray and commit everything to God. There is no question that it is in Him and through Him that I am healed.

As has become our regular routine, these times in the hospital are wonderful opportunities for us to share Yeshua and his love. We are usually in the hospital for about 3 hours and so have time to speak with several different people. This day we had significant conversations with a secular Jewish man, a religious Jewish couple and a very sweet Muslim couple.

As we sat in the waiting room, I started a conversation with a young man who was sitting opposite me. We shared about our respective battles with cancer and then the topic moved quickly to the healing power of Yeshua. We had a blessed conversation and he was surprisingly open. He had known some Messianics and was favorably impressed with them. Our conversation was interrupted by having to go in for the treatment, but he received the seeds and I was able to pray for him. Agree with us that this time together was only the beginning of God touching him.

As I moved into the treatment area, we were sitting directly across an Orthodox couple. They were very friendly and Jackie and I entered into a conversation with them. Again, we quickly moved from the natural to the supernatural and started to talk with them about our life as Jews who believed in Yeshua. My conversation with them was interrupted as I had to move to another place, but Jackie remained and spoke with them for over half an hour. She reports that it was a very good time and she was able to expose so many of the lies that they believe about Yeshua. No doubt, it was the first time they had ever heard such things and from Jewish believers! They were not at all argumentative and they listened quite attentively to all Jackie said. Join us in praying for this couple that something that was said would go deep into their heart and take root as they battle for his life.

And finally during the time I was receiving my treatment, I connected very sweetly with the Muslim couple that sat next to me. I shared the wonder of Yeshua with them. They were so very friendly and the conversation was warm and open. Again, I believe it could have been the first time they have ever spoken with Jewish believers and heard about Yeshua. Let us pray that God will bring the increase in their lives with the seeds that were sown.

And as has happened in the past, although we were in the hospital to receive treatment for deadly cancer, surrounded by people who are all suffering and depressed, our hearts were filled with joy as we left, knowing that we had brought the Kingdom of God and his light and love into that place. We thank God for each of you who are moving in this same calling and joining us in prayer for God’s saving wonder to be manifest in their lives.

Praying for Israel

The ongoing battle with the radical Islamic groups who are attacking our nation continues non stop. Last week there were over a hundred attacks on southern Israel. The incendiary balloons and kites are continuing to come across the Gaza border and have resulted in hundreds of damaging fires and thousands of burned agricultural land. The tension between Israel and Hamas has been exceedingly high. Just a few days ago, Egypt stepped in to broker an uneasy truce. Please continue to pray for quiet on the border and that the situation in Gaza would be resolved.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory update, August 16, 2018, and reposted with permission.