The Toxic Tentacles of Tehran

The Toxic Tentacles of Iran
Credit: Drawing by Elhanan

The tentacles of Persia are creeping out to export its Islamic Jihad to the Middle East and beyond.  Since the fundamentalist Muslim takeover by Khomeini in 1979, Iran has been the epicenter of their self-proclaimed Islamic Revolution, to the dismay of much of its population and other Arab states.  From Tehran through their armed proxies that revolution has vowed to establish the plague of Shiite Islam not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world by any means whatsoever.  Through the weapons of fear Iran has choked out any hope of freedom in Iraq after that unfortunate nation was destabilized by the ill-advised American campaign there.  And since that war, risking the effort to create a form of democracy there, the previous US appeasers withdrew, leaving that region which had been subdued by American blood, again in the hands of the Islamists.  Now the Iranian tentacles have spread with little resistance through Iraq to Syria and into Lebanon, seeking a foothold on the very borders of Israel, which it has vowed to destroy.

But Israel has learned from history, and does not lightly dismiss those threats of destruction, hearing regularly “Death to Israel, death to America.”  In a series of raids the Jewish state has eliminated or sharply decreased Iran’s presence near her border with Syria.  And now those creeping tentacles have been sharply stung by the new American president, who also understands from history that appeasement will not contain evil, and who has severed one of Iran’s most vicious, who was building its nest in Baghdad.

In the Bible Persia plays a central role in the events of the latter days.  The prophet Daniel describes a time when Israel is again re-gathered to her former estate in the Holy Land, and the Prince of Persia sets about attempting her destruction, as do the prophets Ezekiel and Zechariah describe a coalition gathered with Persia against the Land of Israel, where the vigilant birds of battle- the F-16 and F-35- fly overhead in her protection. For the motto and toast of the Jewish people, by stark contrast, is “L’chaim!”(to Life!).