The truth will set us free, but how do we find it?


You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. – John 8:22 

In an article that I published in the early days of the COVID pandemic I wrote that one of the victims of the world-wide crisis created by the spreading virus, was the truth. And a year later that is still the case, even more so, and not just in regards to the virus or the vaccines. There is only one source of pure truth and that is the Word of God – the Bible. The attack against Biblical truth is increasing almost daily in almost every area of life on Planet Earth. The Bible tells us that Satan is the father of lies (2 Corinthians 11:14), so we can know without a doubt that this assault against the truth is emanating from the pit of Hell.

The controversy over the safety and efficiency of the mRNA vaccines, abortion or the right to life for the unborn, the homosexuality issue, climate change, conspiracy claims, and to a lesser degree the danger to health of 4G & 5G cellular networks are the main areas where extreme and opposing views abound. Perhaps we could even add the nation of Israel to that list. And the opposing factions are moving further apart as time moves on, often leading to physical violence when the opposing sides clash.

In Luke 8:18 Yeshua warned the people to be careful how they hear, meaning to be careful what they allowed themselves to be exposed to. I am sure He would say the same thing if He was down here with us in person today, even more so.The myriad of information, true and false, that is being spread on the internet and in social media platforms has a very powerful influence on those who are exposed to it. When people believe what the see or hear without checking the source and the scientific background behind the information, they open themselves to believe lies and they are deceived.

The $1 million dollar question is how do we find or recognise the truth? The answer to the question is not an easy one. For a start, it takes a lot of time and effort, but it is possible.  The first thing we should do is ask the Holy Spirit to give us that inner witness as to whether we are hearing truth or not. Secondly, almost all unclassified information is posted on the internet. All you need to do is type the question into your browser and an unending trail of information will open up for you. Now comes the difficult and time consuming part – checking who is the source of the information that was posted, the background of the person or organisation who posted it, and then to double check the validity of the facts they are presenting.

I receive many emails and social media posts every day about the virus, vaccines and the dangers of 5G. If the witness of the Spirit causes me to be suspicious of what I am reading, I immediately follow the above order. And I have to say that so much of what it being sent to me is not true – it is fake news as the former president of the USA called it. So to repeat the words of Yeshua, please be very careful what you watch, read or listen to – CHECK IT OUT before accepting it as truth, even if it fits with what you already believe.

There was at least one glimmer of hope in Israel this week in the vaccine controversy. The Jerusalem Post, a credited mainstream news service, published an article by a reputable Israeli scientist declaring that Covid-19 patients could be successfully treated for US $1 a day. This is a major departure from the standard mainstream media position of confirming only the WHO and CDC approved vaccines as legitimate treatment for COVID-19. Hopefully this is a turning point and we will see more mainstream media reporting the truth.

Let me close with a prayer: God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, GOD of Israel …. We love you, we praise you and we worship you. Abba You see what is taking place in the world that you created – lies and deception everywhere. Abba its getting darker by the week, if not by the day. Abba Your word promises us that the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) will lead us into all truth, so Father we ask you fill us all afresh with your Ruach and lead us into all truth, protect your people from lies and deception as the days get darker. Abba, we ask you to expose the lies and reveal the truth in regards to the issues that concern us at this time – in the name of Yeshua we ask and pray …. AMEN.