The UK and Islam

Ambulances arrive on the scene of the terror attack on the London Bridge, June 3, 2017. (Photo: screenshot)

Unbeknownst to many Brits, Britain is the very opposite expression of the Islamic world. British culture is refined and honed out of Judeo-Christian values, nursed up on Shakespeare, Walton, Austin, Byron, Wordsworth, Scott, Thomas and the Bible- from which most Brits are named. English culture still preserves its lovely old national traditions like dryfly fishing on chalkstreams for native brown trout, and casting flies for salmon on the big rivers, all nourished on good local ales and fine spirits at the local pubs where one may bring one’s beloved dog, a creature who is in Arabia disdained and beaten, and alcoholic beverages forbidden. Britain is civilization.

The British consider themselves a tolerant lot – live and let live – and quite pleased with themselves for that. In their tolerance they have generously adopted all comers into their ranks, in effect saying ‘come and build your mosques next to our churches and we shall all live happily ever after.’ But as history would have it, the British churches have all but emptied of the devout as a sub-Christian mindset has replaced the faith, creating a vacuum. At the same time that vacuum is being filled by the devout in burgeoning Islamic mosques, often enough by zealous followers of Muhammad who would perpetuate his militant deeds in good old Britain. As Simon and Mary average about 1.3 babies per couple, Ahmad and Jamila will go above five, which should breed a new count in the next forty years, even as the second most popular name for newborns in the UK is already Muhammad. London has gone so far as to elect its first Muslim mayor in its history (and Ireland its first openly homosexual prime minster).

Along with this implant comes a culture spawned from the Quran and Shariah, whose content is foreign and virtually unknown to the naïve British. Where the Bible is hewn from the foundational bedrock of love for God and man, the Quran is fashioned from the hot and troubled sands of fear. And fear it is.

As I write these words a report comes of yet another fatal Islamic Jihadi terrorist attack in London, only a week after England was shaken by a suicide bomber who blew himself up at a music concert in Manchester, murdering twenty-two and wounding many others, performed by a British-born Muslim ‘martyr’ of Libyan descent. Sadly, those were not the first of their kind there, nor will they be the last until the Brits wake up and realize they are at war. The Jihad knows no rest or satisfaction until Islam prevails over all competition, all means justifying that end.

But the Brits seem asleep to what is happening to them, along with slumbering Europe and the West. They cannot seem to accept the reality that ideas have consequences. Bad ideas produce bad results, and good ones good results. Nazism and Communism were bad ideas (though thought good by their adherents), whereas Judeo-Christianity is a good idea (if properly applied). Islam by its long and violent history from the 7th century AD until today has sufficiently proven itself to be among the former breed of ideas.

It is not a clash of civilizations, but civilization verses its antithesis, and its very nemesis.