The UK Dreams and Report

Before our journey to the UK, Adonai designated three specific villages for our assignment in the Cotswolds. To confirm this, I asked Richard to ask Adonai which three villages we were called to visit and right away he identified the exact same ones!  It turned out that all three villages were a follow up to Operation Millstone – – a calling to do something about the criminal assault on children today by placing a millstone in the Spirit around the neck of those who lead children astray.  These Hebrew words share the same root, meaning that the Millstone – רֵחַיִם – is an act of Compassion – רחמים

– for those who come from the Womb – רחם – and we have the authority to do this through the power, the name and the blood of Messiah Yeshua!

In the first village the message of the martyrs was clear (I can’t go into detail on this one) and in the second village, we had divine appointments on the streets, including one with a father and son.  In the third village we found at least 20 Millstones throughout the village, confirming the need to continue the Millstone wherever we go.

A word for DC & the UK

Dream: A Company of Prophets

UK – Eye & Bull


I saw an eye in the sky that was watching every citizen and visitors too. This eye continually disintegrated and then repaired itself as it gathered more information. When I saw that this eye in the sky was watching me, I cursed it and commanded it to wither. 

But it took some time to do this because my mind was constantly distracted by superficial thoughts. It was so distracting that I could barely pray! Upon realizing that this was the goal of the eye, I threw every Scripture that came to mind at it!

Then I saw a very obese man who had a wide face and in his nose was a bull ring. This bull man was also watching over the people, keeping them in a spirit of fear. But one thing that scares him is when you look at that ring in his nose and hook him up to Yeshua.  Then I realized that the two forces were working together – the eye keeps people distracted with meaningless pursuits while the bull man keeps the people in a state of fear. Yet we have the power and the authority in Yeshua to curse the eye and command it to wither, thus ceasing the distractions in our own minds, and we have the power to identify what’s bringing on the spirit of fear, all in Yeshua’s name and through His blood.

And this is the bondage that the people of the UK live in.  Many have welcomed the eye and the bull man into their lives, but others are desperate to be released from their control, yet they have no idea how to be set free.  Now our assignment to the UK is more clear.

Later the eye appeared again. Its iris was of black and gold – a black Mecca stone attached to the same sized gold bar. And it was continually growing while adapting its shape according to the information it received. 

UK: a word


I saw the foundations of the kingdom of darkness, merely sand, continually shifting, driven by the wind, the Spirit of יהוה. The Kingdom of Heaven has already been established victorious and it’s built upon the Rock, so the gates of hell cannot prevail, even if they are given a short time to rule on earth. 

Upon close inspection I saw chunks of amalgamated concrete within the sand, which gave the perception that some of that kingdom is built upon rock. Yet this is part of their deception, accomplished on purpose by the handwriting on the wall, so that they will be falsely emboldened to carry out their works for the soon coming season of their brief reign. I saw some of their leaders even placing purple robes and golden jewelry around the necks of some of the prophets who will rise up to speak the Truth. 

Yes, it will be a season of terror, but we will find peace even then, knowing with certainty that the amalgamation of these strange fire offerings, the merging of some truth with poisonous lies, will burn quickly and be extinguished by the living fire hydrants of the words and works of the intervening intercessors, some of whom will be gloriously martyred. The final chapters are being written as we live and speak and move according to the will of Adonai. We literally have nothing to fear from the kingdom of darkness except the campaigns of fear they plan to launch in our midst. 

Dream: The Cotswolds


The martyrs from this area were first taken to have their feet cut off because the enemy was particularly enraged at a group of young believers who’d been raised up to share the Gospel with tremendous success in Muslim areas. (An interpretation was given that the 15 Minute Cities are like the cutting off of feet)

When they were caught their feet were cut off first. I saw this happening but the people didn’t scream as it happened to them because they had so much peace on their faces, truly filled with the Holy Spirit. And then they were taken to the guillotine. Others who were watching were amazed that one could be at such peace during such a frightening time. The martyrs from the UK inspired many who would later go through the same thing.  And the thought came that the UK will have temporary pockets of refuge but later it will be difficult to find hiding places there…

Jeremiah 15 The Crown


Jeremiah 15:13-18 played over and over like a film, ending in this: Say to the king and the queen mother, “Take a lowly seat, for your beautiful crown has come down from your head.”

Dream: Eye & Bull – Again


For hours I was awake last night, completely distracted with scrambled thoughts and that was pretty much my dream until the very end, when I realized, while still asleep, that the Eye and the Bull really do exist to create a thoroughly distracted lifestyle. So I began to declare that the Eye should wither and the the ring in the bull’s nose be hooked up to the Lamb of G-d Yeshua. 

Suddenly I saw a river bank where the waters were held captive behind a dam. The waters began to unfold – it was a very strange sight, because the waters didn’t flow but they were unfolding. 

Then I awoke and turned to Matthew 21:20 where Yeshua cursed the fig tree and caused it to wither. I turned on the Audio Bible so I could listen to all of Matthew 21 seven times. Each time I arrived at the portion where Yeshua cursed the fig tree and caused it to wither, my mind literally turned off and I missed hearing that portion! 

So I decided to listen to Matthew 21 again but this time I quietly spoke in tongues while listening and was completely focused on the whole chapter.

To be distracted and intimidated is to be stuck and powerless. We haven’t grasped the authority that’s been given to us in Messiah Yeshua, but when we begin to act together in unity, we can move in freedom during this next season. Others will remain in captivity until the revelation of what it means to be FREE INDEED in Messiah becomes a living reality.