The weapons of our warfare

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to destroy strongholds and every high opinion that raises itself against the knowledge of GOD. – 2 Corinthians 10:3-5  

In my previous article, I wrote about the fact that we live in the natural realm here on the Earth, but we also live under the influence of the invisible, but very powerful spiritual realm. Josie and I have become much more aware of this as we have traveled around the UK over the last 2 weeks. Some Believers have occasional glimpses, but the spiritual realm is invisible to most people, most of the time. However, we can see the influence that the spiritual kingdoms exert on people, by the design of buildings and the symbols we use, and of course by the way that people behave.

The Kingdom of God, through the Torah (God’s instructions) and the living example of Yeshua (the Torah who became Flesh) influences people to live righteously. We can often discern whether a person is a Believer by the way they appear or speak. The other kingdom does the exact opposite and it often far more evident today. We are in shock as we see the state of   the people on the street here in the UK (it is the same in most of the world today). God instructed us not to pierce or mark our bodies, yet today it has become totally acceptable to put studs and other metal objects into our faces and bodies. A few years ago only sailors and the motorcycle gang members tattooed their bodies, but today even young girls and older women are getting their faces and bodies tattooed. This is what the Baal’s did to incite their demonic god to move, and this is what pagans and heathens have always done. The studs and tattoos are a very visible sign that the people are under the influence of the Devil. The extreme examples are so openly Satanic that there is no question who is controlling their lives.

Even normal decent people are coming more and more under the influence of the kingdom of darkness. We walked into a major upmarket department store in London and were shocked to see that the cosmetics department is marketing a range of cosmetics by a woman called Kat Von Drachenberg, (Drachen means Dragon) that sells make up for Satanists and Witches, but ‘nice’ young girls and women are being influenced to use this make up. We Googled ‘Kat Von D’, and found that she is a Neo-Nazi and viscious anti-Semite, and her cosmetic products should be exposed and avoided.

As I wrote last week, I am going to share with you, what Josie and I believe we all need to do, to counter the evil that is going on all around us, in the natural and spiritual realms. This list is in the order of priority as we see it:

1. Know the Word of God. Be absolutely sure of who the GOD of the Bible is, and learn His nature and characteristics (which He reveals through His dealings with Israel). Be sure of your spiritual rights and authority as one who is in a blood sealed covenant with the GOD of Israel.

2. Use worship as your primary weapon of warfare – declaring the Word of the LORD in praise and worship.

3. Do spiritual mapping of the area where you live and the places that concern you – asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the strongman over those locations.

4. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you things in the natural realm around you that may be adversely influencing your life or the life of those dear to you.

5. When you become aware of those natural things that are around you, cut off their influence over you and other people in prayer and plead the Blood of Yeshua over yourself.

6. Ask GOD to bring about the physical removal of those things in His perfect timing.

7. Do your best to share what I am sharing with you in a sensitive way that will help Believers and un-believers have a revelation that will cause them to better understand their own situations.

May the LORD give you the victory as you resist evil and submit to His authority.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, February 24, 2017, and reposted with permission.