The Writing is on the Wall – “First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People”

A photo of the knives found on the persons of two Palestinian children, 8, near the West Bank settlement of Migdal Oz on October 26, 2016 (IDF spokesperson's office)

On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all of the surrounding nations. Whoever tries to move it will surely hurt themselves. – Zechariah 12:3 

I do not read Arabic, but I have heard from a number of reliable sources that there is a lot of graffiti in East Jerusalem and the Arab villages that are slogans which make the above statement. This is a Islamic declaration which makes the intention of Muslim Arabs and Muslims everywhere, to first of all wipe out the Jewish people and then to wipe out the Christians. These are not just words intended to create fear in the heart of their enemies. The terror campaign against Israelis continues almost daily. On Wednesday this week two 8 year old Arabs who were carrying knives, confessed to police that they had been sent by their elders to attack Israelis. And in keeping with their slogan, the Muslims are killing Arab Christians in almost every Arab country, and driving the Christian communities out. Se we need to take that slogan very seriously.

Israel does not just have to defend herself from the Muslim enemies, but as we are seeing in the news the United Nations and the European Union have aligned themselves with the Islamists and are attempting to destroy Israel. The UN and EU have been hijacked by the Muslim nations to become Israel’s “public enemy No. 1.” What sort of ignorant people are the representatives of the nations that voted with the Muslims to deny the Jewish people’s Biblical and historical connection to the land of Israel and more specifically the Holy city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The nations that voted for that resolution just knifed the Jewish people in the back.

But the God of Israel is not blind. The Bible tells us that Israel is the pupil or lens of God’s eye. (Zech 2:8). He has seen it all and He is not impressed. In siding with the Muslims the Western nations are directly opposing the God of Israel, who is a God of love, but also a jealous God (Exodus 20:5), a God of war (Exodus 15:3), and a consuming fire. (Deut 4:24). These nations have doomed themselves to destruction. The question is not a matter of if, but when. How much more will YHVH put up with, before Isaiah 26:21 is fulfilled The LORD will come out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquities (anti-Semtism, abortion, sexual immorality, idolatry). And He may well use Islam to vent His wrath on these rebellious Western nations.

Today Islamic terrorists are active or preparing to become active in almost every nation, but most political and religious leaders have chosen to turn a blind eye to the reality of this modern day Jihad that is well under way against Israel, the Church and the Western way of life. Last Friday thousands of Muslims gathered to pray at the Colosseum in Rome. This was not just an Islamic prayer meeting, it was a declaration of war. The well-known preacher Yussuf al Qaradawi said that the day will come when Rome will be Islamized. It remains to be seen whether it will by the word or by the sword. As that prayer meeting was taking place in word, ISIS released a video in which the Coliseum is burned and bombed.

The Western nations and Europe are in serious trouble. American philosopher Lee Harris said a most important thing: “The glory of the West has been the eradication of the virus of fanaticism, but perhaps we have achieved it at the price of our defeat.” While the West continues to side with those who intend to take over their nations for Allah, and continue to deny the God-given rights of the Jewish people to live in the Promised Land and worship the One True God on His Holy mountain, their troubles will surely increase to the point of their destruction, and unless they repent, that cannot expect any help from Heaven. The heavy stone of Zechariah 12:3 is aleady on the roll.

Speaking about heavy stones, click on the video below that takes you to the Western Wall showing you the Jewish history very clearly there.