The wrong kind of fire fell on Mt. Carmel last week

Fire in the Haifa neighborhood, November 24, 2016. (Photo: screenshot Youtube)

Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water in the trench. – 1 Kings 18:38 
For years I have been hearing believers asking God “to send His fire”. In our meetings at Carmel Assembly we often ask YHVH to “send His fire” as He did on this very mountain in the days of Elijah. However, when I hear people praying those words, I think to myself “do they realise what happens when fire from Heaven does fall.” When that really does happen some people get burnt to death, as they did when the Fire of YHVH fell on Mt. Sinai, and when He answered the prayer of Elijah.

Of course, we do need the fire of God to fall on us to do its refining work of purification. As most of you will know by now, fire from the wrong kingdom fell on Mt. Carmel and other parts of Israel. Seriously deceived Muslim Arabs, misguided by the lies of Islam, took advantage of the extremely dry situation at the end of the long hot summer, combined with very strong winds, to cause injury, major destruction and financial harm to Israel and her citizens, by lighting fires in areas with lots of trees and greenery.

Last Thursday more than 200 fires were burning across the nation. One of the hardest hit areas was the neighborhood right next to the one we live in. The fire came within 600 metres of our apartment, but praise God, the strong winds that were fanning the flames were blowing away from us. However, we did have to leave the area for a few hours until the fires were brought under control. Fire-fighting planes were flying right past our windows as they prepared to drop water on the fires.

By Friday morning most of the fires on Mt. Carmel were out, leaving more than 20 people were injured, 700 apartments damaged, 100 families whose homes are now unable to be lived in, dozens of vehicles have been destroyed, and thousands of dunams of trees and greenery is burnt to black skeletons. The financial cost is yet to be estimated and the risk of more fires will be with us until the winter rains come to dampen down the country.

Reflecting on the fire, there are three areas of serious concern for Israel:

1. Most of the fires were purposely lit by young Muslim Arabs who have inherited the ancient hatred of the Jewish people. Most of these are Israeli Arabs who are free to move around the country unchecked and who know that these dry and windy weather conditions always happen at the end of summer. Israel will face the same danger of fires every year until a solution is found.

2. These fires were extremely serious and life threatening, yet the major secular news channels did not report them until the next day, and even then the coverage was minimal. It is painfully obvious that the world does not really care when Israel is being harmed. Even worse much of the Muslim world was celebrating that Israel was burning and some of the anti-Israel statements being published on Arab social media site were disgusting.

3. The fires are should be a wake up call to all who live in Israel. The damage and disruption caused by the fires is nothing compared to what is very likely to happen in the next major war with our enemies. Hezbollah and Hamas are armed to the hilt with an estimated 100,000 plus missiles, many of which are capable of striking anywhere in the country. The resulting deaths, serious injuries and destruction would be hundreds of times worse. The question is, are the government, the military and the emergency services prepared?

Also these fires and the many other disasters happening all over the planet should be a wake up call to the Body of Messiah, invoking us to ask:

1. Are we ready physically and emotionally to survive and function as the Army of the LORD when disaster or tragedy hits the place where we live?

2. Are we ready spiritually to face what ever we find ourselves facing, including facing our Maker?

3. Are we tuned in to the Holy Spirit enough to sense the lateness of the hour and that we are living in “the days of Elijah”? It’s one thing to sing the song, but are we prepared to risk our reputation and more, if we dare to stand up and “declare the word of the LORD”, and call our family, our friends and our nations to repentance?

Finally, seeing we are very obviously living on the edge of a time of great shaking for Israel, the Church and the World, why do the majority of pastors and leaders never preach about the End Times and prepare their congregations for what surely lies just ahead? Why not encourage your leaders to do so!

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, December 2, 2016, and reposted with permission.