There you go with that “F” word again!

Are you a “Fundamentalist” Christian? If not, if you’re anything less, why are you even bothering?

In some countries, in the past, there was a rationale for doing so, as the culture was predominantly Christian and identifying oneself with that word could be advantageous for social, economic and political reasons. But increasingly in the West, and definitely here in Israel, it can be a distinct DISadvantage to do so.

Why on earth would anyone expose themselves to those disadvantages by calling themselves a “Christian” (or “Believer” of “Messianic Jew” if that’s your preference) if they weren’t totally committed?

If one has not submitted oneself TOTALLY to the Will of the Lord Jesus Christ and subordinated every other aspect of one’s life, identity, one’s own fleshly desires and opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc. to Him, why would one even bother to expose oneself to the considerable downside of calling oneself a disciple of Him?

Since I started contributing blogs to KNI, I’ve had several people throw this accusation at me, that I’m a “Fundamentalist” and that dooms me to inevitable irrelevance as the Human Race advances and matures and gains more knowledge and leaves such attitudes and those who hold to them behind.

I was and am utterly flabbergasted by these accusations and filled with nothing but pity for those who made them.

Brothers and Sisters, most things in life are not black and white, but a handful of things are, and the Bible is one of them. It is either the Word of God, or it’s just a collection of ancient tribal fairy tales, myths, legends and exaggerations.

If it’s the second thing, than it is the height of lunacy/stupidity to put ourselves to the slightest inconvenience by claiming to be followers of the God described in it.

But if it IS the Word of God, we need to take it seriously.

I mean, REALLY(!) seriously!

We need to study it DAILY and get ourselves as familiar as we possibly can with it, because by doing so we’ll get more and more familiar with the mind of the God who wrote it. It is only by doing this that we can avoid falling into the many errors, heresies and deceptions that the Bible warns will increase as the time draws closer for Jesus to return to this earth.

Worldly knowledge and the wisdom of (fallen) Humanity is one of the easiest ways for the Enemy to deceive us, and many who call themselves Christians will try to use such “humanistic thinking” to ensnare us. It is only by being immersed in the truth of the Word that we can save ourselves and those around us from this evil.

Finally, the God who wrote the Bible takes it pretty seriously, and it’s difficult to imagine that He’d be okay with anything else from us.

We’re all going to strand before Him one day and give an account for our lives in this world. I’ll have a lot to answer for when I stand before Him but I am ABSOLUTLEY SURE that of all the things I’ll have to answer for, He won’t be demanding to know why I insisted on taking His Word so seriously and encouraging others to do the same.

So the next time someone calls you a “Fundamentalist” as if it’s a bad thing, hold your head up, look them straight in the eye, smile and say “Yes, I am!”