There’s a whole lot a shaking going on (#3)

A hurricane seen from space

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. – 2 Chronicles 7:14

This is the 3rd time in recent years that I have used this title for my comment. The 2nd time I used the title, there was more shaking than the 1st time, and at this time there is much more shaking going on than the last time I repeated it. I was inspired to resurrect the title for this week during the weekly 2 hour prayer watch at our congregation on Mt. Carmel. The Holy Spirit led us to pray for the nations and a sister from the UK began to pray and intercede for the UK. As she began to pray and list the issues facing the UK since the recent election, I was impacted at the terrible state of many of the once Christian Western nations.

The political state of the United States is in total turmoil which may end in the impeachment of President Trump. The liberal left people hate him so much, that they seems to be inventing new laws just to catch him out. It is coming to the point that the President is facing so many accusations and law suits, that his ability to rule the country is severely hindered. If another election is necessary before Trump’s 4 year term is over, who knows what chaos could ensure. Last weekend anti-Sharia Law demonstrations, some of which turned violent, took place in several US cities. Meanwhile the justice system continues to over-rule President Trump’s attempts to secure the nations borders, by declaring his travel restrictions illegal. American politics is not ‘a happy camper.”

Now we are watching British political scene turning into a chaotic ‘bun fight’ between the parties, to secure power. PM Teresa May took a gamble in calling an early election, when she did not really need to. She made that decision, believing the Conservative Party would win even more votes, giving her greater power to conduct the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

As we now know, her party lost a large amount of support to the Labour party led by super liberal lefty, Jeremy Corban, a man who has shown strong anti-Semitic tendencies, and who supports Hamas and Hizbollah terror organisations.

PM May is holding onto her position by a thread, with many politicians from both sides of the house, doing all they can to force her to resign. To make it possible for this ‘Hung Parliament’ to be able to function, PM May is negotiating with a small Irish party, the DUP, which is right wing, anti-same sex marriage and anti-abortion, to join her government as a coalition partner. Of course these two issues are 2 of the most common causes that the left wing, liberal, unrighteous news media champions, by constantly brainwashing the public to believe that these 2 forms of absolute wickedness are normal and good. The UK media is already viciously attacking PM May’s choice of the DUP. It will be a miracle if Teresa May and this government stays in power over the next few months, and if another election is necessary, Corban could well attract enough liberal voters to gain victory for the left leaning Labour party, giving more place to the spirit of Anti-Christ, thus taking the UK further down the road of unrighteousness.

In Canada, PM Trudeau openly stated that the worst sector of Canadian society is the Evangelical Christians. The government has recently passed a law that protects only Islam, and another whereby the children of anyone who speaks against the LGBT people, can be taken from their parents and held in state custody. The situation in Europe and the rest of the Western world is not much different. The Bible tells us that “righteousness raises a nation up.” If that is true, then the opposite is also true – unrighteousness will bring a nation down. Looking at world history there are at least 3 markers that point to the end of an empire, and they are all occurring once again in our time:

1) sexual immorality is rampant
2) they murder babies
3) they come against Israel and the Jewish people

The Western world has been steadily sliding into the abyss since the end of the Six Day War in 1967 and it is now accelerating exponentially. I have written all of the above to say this… It seems that the shaking that is taking place is the beginning of the LORD’s judgement on the nations (Psalm 2:1-6). There is only one group of people who can bring about a turn around in the situation – the Body of Yeshua. That is what we are called to do – to bring light into a dark world. Sadly most of the Church is sleeping or busy with their own agendas. As the opening verse states, the responsibility to pray for the nations lies with the Body of Messiah. Thus there are 3 ways we should ALL be doing:

1) Humble ourselves in prayer and fasting, asking the LORD to forgive the sin of our nations
2) Warn the world of the wages of sin, and Preach the goodness of GOD (the Gospel)
2) Pray, fast and intercede that the Spirit of YHVH will reveal the truth of His Word to the unbelieving world, and those in the Church who have been deceived by wrong theology

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, June 16, 2017, and reposted with permission.