There’s gonna be a showdown!

A view of Mount Camel in northern Israel (Photo: Oriaaaass/Wikimedia Commons)

When Ahab accused Elijah of being the cause of disaster in Israel, Elijah didn’t receive this lie but countered Ahab with the truth in 1 Kings 18:18.  “I have not brought disaster to Israel, but you and your father’s house have, because you have abandoned the commandments of the L-rd and you have followed the Baals.”

Then Elijah told the king to “send orders and gather to me all Israel at Mount Carmel, together with 450 prophets of Baal and four hundred prophets of the Asherah, who eat at Jezebel’s table.” Some may consider this as foolishness or reckless behavior on Elijah’s part, but this act of chutzpah was a signal to the powers of evil that the G-d who lives in Elijah had had enough!

While praying into this famous story, I sensed the L-rd saying that this Biblical showdown was given to us as a model of noncompliance that is tremendously relevant today.

When I heard Jen Psaki label the vaccinated as “marked people,” this stirred a deep sorrow in my kishkes and I sensed Adonai saying that Elijah’s confrontation with the evil king and queen of Israel was a holy seed that is now sprouting in our midst.

Yes, indeed there’s gonna be another showdown in Israel! But this one will be in the hearts of individuals from many nations, tribes and tongues who, one by one, will begin to join hands with fellow set apart ones who long for the Redeemer of Israel to pour out His fire from Heaven. We are just beginning to enter in to those kind of days…

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Carolyn Margolin-Hyde was raised in an Orthodox Jewish synagogue near Chicago. She graduated from University of Illinois and as an RN she practiced nursing for many years. After making Aliyah Carolyn served as worship leader at K’tsir Asher, The Harvest of Asher Congregation, in Akko, and then led worship at Kehilat Poriya, a congregation near Tiberius. She has written and recorded many worship songs in English and Hebrew and her worship CD’s include “Just Like Joseph” and “The Latter Rain”- contemporary worship CDs; “Deep Calls to Deep” – a soaking CD; and “Fine Linen” – worship with a touch of the blues.