These Are The Tears That Jesus Wept – by Rick DeLay

(Written on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, 2021, from Kingman Prison)

These are the tears that Jesus wept,
Deep groanings calling unto deep
With pleas like orphans long forsaken
He heard the sisters weeping.

Dearest Martha, toiling Martha,
In childlike faith enter My rest;
Mary, sit here at My feet;
You, too, must hear and enter rest.

Though weeping may endure the night,
Won’t Lazarus rise to joyful light?…

The believing heart will see it well!

Cry for humanity, sigh deep within…
For humanity steeped in doubt and sin.
Cry for humanity, groan deep within…
Which lied in state in four-day stench
In death’s dark womb, wrapped in that tomb,
Bound in the muffled scream of night.

“But yet”, Scripture tells us


He opens up our graves of exile
and brings us back to Himself
To the end that we will know,
That He, He only … IS THE LORD!

The LORD is in His holy temple
Be still and know that He is God;
Look to Him and be saved,
Elect from all ends of the Earth!

Loose us LORD and let us go
To skip like calves loosed from the stall
Redeemed returning joyful song
to clapping trees of greenish lawn
To frolic about in flowered fields,
In fawning meadows leaping.

What became of weeping?

(This poem is based on John 11:1-44)

This poem originally appeared on Streams in the Negev, February 17, 2021, and reposted with permission.