Thirteen New Videos from “How I Met Messiah”

If you are a frequent visitor to, we are sure you have seen several video testimonies of Jewish believers, either on our newsfeed or in the video collection.

I Met Messiah” is a collection of video testimonies of Jewish professionals who met their Messiah. The series is produced by Eitan Bar of One For Israel, based in Netanya, Israel in partnership with Chosen People Ministries, based in Manhattan, NY.

Eitan refers to the subjects in the videos as “storytellers.” He says the storytellers, “will invite you into their lives and you will see for yourself, through their eyes and experiences, why they decided to become followers of Yeshua and the profound impact this had on each of them as individuals.”

Thirteen (13) new videos were recently posted, too many to include on our newsfeed at one time, but you may watch these testimonies by clicking Videos on our main menu, or go directly to the I Met Messiah website. We encourage you to watch. As Eitan says: “You will smile, laugh and at times be moved to tears by these compelling stories.”