This Sukkot, Vision for Israel to highlight local believers

Joshua Aaron leading worship at Vision for Israel Succot Celebration (Photo courtesy)

As the nations come up to Jerusalem to celebrate Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, local believers from across Israel will be the focus and highlight of the Vision for Israel’s observation of the holiday.

The VFI celebration of Sukkot will take place at The Pavilion, an auditorium in the Clal Building in downtown Jerusalem, from Sept. 25 to 27. An emphasis this year will be placed on the Body of Messiah in Israel.

The sessions will kick off with a worship session by Paul Wilbur, internationally renowned worship artist with a Messianic style of music, which will be recorded live for a future album.

“This year is going to be the first time we do a joint first evening session with Paul Wilbur who is doing a live recording in Israel,” Benjamin Siegel, marketing director for VFI, told Kehila News. “It is really nice to be a part of that. And it’s not only Paul Wilbur, but he has the whole band with him.” 

Siegel said that the Vision for Israel Feast, in its 20th year, is expecting up to 600 participants, many from around the world including China, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

This year’s Feast will focus on the believing community in Israel and feature local musicians and speakers. Israel musicians include Sarah Lieberman and Joshua Aaron. One of the speakers will be Naim Khoury, an Arab Christians who pastors a church in Bethlehem.

Barry and Batya Segal, co-founders of Vision for Israel, will be leading the event.

“We want to promote this event to get as many locals as possible. Obviously there’s a big feast going on with the Christian Embassy (ICEJ) and they bring in a lot of groups from overseas,” Siegel noted. “Ours is a little smaller and a little more personal, focusing on the body of believers.”

While the focus will be on locals, the event itself is timed to include the Jerusalem March, an annual parade that winds through the streets of the capital city. Israelis gather on the sidelines of the parade and watch as thousands of people from all over the world march through the streets handing out gifts and blessing the people. 

“We as a conference join the Jerusalem March because we want to bless the Israelis on the street and pray and worship during the march,” Siegel said. “As part of the Sukkot celebration event, the purpose of that is to allow our participants to worship on the streets, connect with locals who are not necessarily believers. It is always a really special, amazing experience.”

The theme of this year’s event is based on Israel’s 70th year rebirth of a modern nation: Israel United. Last year’s theme focused on the 50th year of Jerusalem’s unification under Israeli rule.

While the ICEJ event tends to draw an international crowd, VFI is one of few Feast events in Israel geared for local believers. To encourage more believers to participate, VFI offers a large discount for locals which they can access by registering online. 

VFI is a humanitarian aid organization that helps the poor and needy in Israel across a wide swath of religious and ethnic boundaries. This summer VFI helped to sponsor a fun day at one of Israel’s leading water parks for 840 terror victims and their families. The organization also helps new immigrants, lone soldiers and Holocaust survivors among several other outreaches.

For more information or to see the schedule, follow this link

Israeli locals and long-term residents in the land can register by clicking GET TICKETS at the link above and use the promo code: 2018LOCAL to unlock a 75 percent discount.