Three Dimensional Faith

The word faith has many dimensions in its biblical context. To summarize and simplify, we could group them into three general categories: Victory, Integrity and Serenity.

Victory: this first type exercises the power of the Holy Spirit in the authority of the name of Yeshua. It moves mountains and makes whatever you say come to pass (Mark 11:23). It causes demons to flee and miracles to happen by the faith of the believer. Faith takes dominion over our circumstances.

Integrity: the Hebrew word emunah אמונה means not only faith but faithfulness. A person of faith can be trusted in times of difficulty. By faith we say “no” to the temptations and attacks of the world, the flesh and the devil. Biblical faith demands proven and tested character. Integrity is faith.

Serenity: sometimes we are called to trust God in the midst of difficult situations even though we simply do not know why they are happening. Even if the outcome is not what we want, we can trust God that He knows and sees things we do not. Our peace of mind by trusting a sovereign and all-powerful God is also a victory in faith, even if it does not appear so.

We need discernment as to which type of faith should be activated in any given situation. Unfortunately I have often made mistakes in this area and have caused damage to those around me. Sometimes we need to command the dead to rise (John 11:43). At other times we need to let someone lead us where we do not want to go (John 21:18).

This article originally appeared in Israel’s Restoration Newsletter, November 2015.