Time to Come Home?

In my six years of blogging on “Israel in the News” I have only addressed the issue of aliyah once, a little over a year ago. I wish I could say that conditions have improved for Jewish people living in the Diaspora, but sadly that is not the case. In fact, as Isi Leibler writes in my Article of the Week, No More Illusions: Come Home, there is much more danger now than there was one year ago.

Aliyah from both France and Russia significantly increased in 2015. Jews in Germany and throughout most of Europe fear rising anti-Semitism as Muslim “refugees” continue to flood into that continent.

U.S. university campuses have become a hotbed of anti-Israel venom and Jew hatred. Hostility has reached the point where many Jewish students feel compelled to hide their Jewishness.

The American Administration has also done its part to undermine and sabotage the Jewish state and particularly the Netanyahu government.

Consider the following articles:

In huge Israeli intel breach, US, UK have spied on IDF drone operations for 18 years

Lawmaker: Obama Admin Fueling ‘Campaign to Destroy Israel’

Hillary Clinton Wanted to ‘Shame’ Israel Into Compliance

Obama Admin Has Not Prosecuted a Single Palestinian Terrorist Who Killed Americans

US issues telling reminder of labeling rules on Israeli products from West Bank

After all this, does anyone continue to simplistically believe that Mr. Obama really has Israel’s back?

So, is it time to pack your bags? Maybe not, but it’s certainly advisable to do an honest review of your situation. All of us plan for the‘ what ifs’ in life. We purchase life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, homeowners’ insurance and other forms of protection against loss. Yet most people give little forethought to the effects that economic collapse or other disaster could have on our Jewish people. From time immemorial the same cry has been heard in times of calamity, “It’s the Jews’ fault!!”

Ze’ev Jabotinsky literally exhausted himself trying to warn the Jews of Poland about the imminent Nazi danger. Tragically, very few paid attention. I encourage you to listen to the video of Lori Palatnik, a rabbi’s wife, who has not yet made aliyah herself but is searching for the answer, When is it time to leave for Israel?